Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Christmas Catch Up: Part One (of I don't know how many)

Oy. Apparently I'm now a once-a-month poster. The following are a random smattering of photos from our Christmas celebration with my family. I have no idea why I took such random photos. I feel like I missed a lot...maybe the thing is that I didn't miss a lot. Maybe I was too busy enjoying it all that I didn't take photos, perhaps? Nonetheless, here's what I got...

This was our family photo from that day...I think it turned out great!! Everybody was there...every niece, nephew, grandkid, grandparent, etc....the whole bloomin' bunch. And that tree only looks like this about three days of the entire year before all the leaves are gone. What luck! ;)

 I also discovered a couple of funny out takes since my camera was in timer/auto mode....(I don't think Dale moved a muscle from the "real" photo to this one...LOL). 

Also discovered this one of Benjamin (& Kayla in the background)....not 100% sure if I took it or if it was still in timer mode and he posed either way.  

Trevor & Benjamin could be seen doing this most of the day...especially after Benjamin opened his new Mario Kart DS. They linked up to each other and battled all day! 

Amber, Amanda & Grandma 

Again with the DS play-a-thon! 

Alyssa & Jonathan (aka, Darth)...these two are just a few months a part in age.  

The light saber....the favorite gift of the year for Jonathan 


(see...told ya it was random)....whose hand is this reaching for a goody? 
This just made me laugh! 

Lots of hide & seek played by the cousins... 

 Aunt Cherie & baby Addyson

Aaron....at the kiddie table!!

Addyson isn't too sure what to think...she's just sad to have to leave. :(

And Benjamin got to take a cruise in Uncle Mike's vette. 

Fun times! Wish I would have captured more of them.