Sunday, August 30, 2009

Baggie Taggies are Here!

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Friday, August 28, 2009

We're on the GREEN TEAM

When David received his promotion last year, Benjamin kept going around saying "now, we're on the green team." We're not exactly sure where he heard that, but it was pretty cute.
And tonight....we were on the green team. I am sure this is the first of a long tradition...Friday night rooting for the Eagles. We played our rivals, Killeen High. And won in overtime! Can it get any better? (We are a little sad for our Roo friends, the Trckas, though.)

The boys and I made it through the first half, but had to head out after the halftime was already past nine! But we had a great time while we were there. In fact, Daddy is still there...celebrating with his Eagles!

Go Eagles!

Jonathan and his "seat" in my lap...
bleachers and toddlers make me a nervous wreck!

More like a Nice Green Machine....but you have to have your game face on.

We ended up getting the BEST SEATS....amongst the band! It was a packed house and the band was so kind to let me and the boys bunk with them while Daddy was on duty. They were so hospitable...even keeping the boys well-hydrated with their big water jugs. We think we have found a spot to spend all of our games! And, the boys were mEsMeRiZeD by the music! It was awesome! Below is a small video of Benjamin jamming out with the Screaming Eagle Band!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Laundry Room: Loads of Fun

While David has been so busy lately, I found myself needing a project of my own around here. I settled on the laundry room after telling my parents they could have my cabinets in there that were completely non-functional to me. My mom was so excited....she had shelves that weren't working out so well. So....switcheroo(ish). Our laundry rooms are different sizes so I ended up getting new shelves...but the cabinets are going up in their house.

Here is the blah-blah-builders' beige before:

This just wasn't functional at all. Those cabinets were so far from a normal arm's reach, that more often than not, I kept my detergent sitting on the dryer. storage to speak of. And I am not a person who stands at the dryer folding my clothes (although it drives my mom crazy that I don't, she "raised me better than that"). So, that hanging bar was useless as well. It too is at their is thrilled since she is an out-of-the-dryer-folder. I am just not wired that way. I have to let it pile up and then pop in Season 5 of Friends and bang it all out during naptime. Not ideal...but it (somewhat) works for me.

I present to you the new and improved El Rancho Dominguez Laundromat:

I love it. It just feels so much better. After taking out his new cabinets, my dad helped me re-route the dryer to where it is against the wall and I have room for a trash can in the middle of the two. He was also kind enough to install my new shelves. HELLO....can you say quadruple the storage (if not more)!?! The buckets on top keep all of my cleaning supplies: one for bathrooms, one for the kitchen/floors, and the other for living/bedroom areas. I can't wait to actually see how this works for me! I am hoping to just grab a bucket and then head to that particular room, instead of having to sift through the craziness of cleaning supplies that was under my kitchen sink.

I filled these canisters with detergent and Oxyclean. The brown tote containers contain liquid detergent, vinegar (awesome for laundry), spot treaters, dryer sheets, extra hangers, etc. 

This little rug actually has the blue of the walls in the leaves, it just didn't photograph well. I was so excited to do the blue/chocolate thing in here!

My hope is that this room truly makes me a better laundress. A girl can always dream, can't she?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Day to Sweet David!

The big THREE-SIX is here. We have had one crazy weekend/Monday to celebrate well as stay out of his way as he prepared for a BIG day at work today: the day the teachers came back! Of course, we have had some fun birthdays for David since he has become a principal since his birthday is always in the midst of school-beginning madness. And this year was no different....but also turned into an AWESOME welcome to the EHS family with their birthday fun for him.

Saturday included a football scrimmage (for all three Dominguez boys), EHS freshman camp (for David), a birthday party for some sweet twins at church (for me & the little boys) and the EHS Back-to-School Splash for the faculty, staff and their families (and us!).

Jonathan and Benjamin hanging out cheering on the Eagles.

Scrimmages are funny.
It's tough to decide who to cheer for: the Eagles....or the Eagles?

We took our super fun babysitter, Tawny, along with us to the EHS Back-to-School Splash at the new Killeen Waterpark. We needed an extra set of hands since David would be meeting faculty and families that night. Benjamin loved having Tawny along....he kept telling us he was going to "teach her how to swim".

We loved the new Killeen waterpark....
too bad it didn't open until the end of summer. 

Sunday we baked Daddy's cupcakes. 
Jonathan wanted to draw on the wrappers. 
Um, wouldn't that be toxic? 
Soooo didn't happen, contrary to what the above photo depicts.

This morning, we were invited to head up to the school for some surprise birthday fun that David's team planned for him. Let's just say....what a WELCOME! During David's morning presentation, the cheerleaders poured into the auditorium to present a HAPPY BIRTHDAY cheer to David...they were awesome! But my camera skills were not. This is all I got from their performance. The video I took of the choir really reflects the fact that I should never be allowed behind the camera. Seriously, nothing is visible and I only recorded a whopping FOUR seconds of their beautiful song. I am just going to blame the camera....although I am sure it was the operator.

Here's the proof that I should never be allowed to shoot video. Ever.  

David and the boys in his office...
which his AWESOME team decorated up for him!

Benjamin wanted to eat the eagle.

Our family celebration at home. 
Mmmm....we grilled ribeyes, had garlic mashed potatoes and green beans. 
And more (cup)cake(s). 
We're on a sugar high, people.

And just for was our home celebration two years ago. 
I cannot believe how little the boys look!

Happy Birthday, David. Love you.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Daycation....or Final 2009 Edition of

Shamu we did not meet....but that's okay. David is swamped and heading too far out of town for three days was just not a good idea this close to school starting. He does have two non-duty days to use by the end of October and we are hoping to head to SA sometime then.
We decided to still live it up for our last Family Fun Friday and took a "daycation" to Austin, much closer and easier to do in a day.
I am still an Austinite at heart, so heading back to my hometown is always a bit nostalgic and fun. 

We started the day at Zilker park riding the famous train. 

My view of J & D

We had snow-cones while awaiting our departure. 
It was soooo hot....I am secretly glad we did skip Sea World with the crazy August heat. 

Enjoyed the train's famous entertainer... Woode Wood.

Headed downtown for lunch at Jo's
We had never eaten there. It was quite tasty and very kitsch-y and Austinish.

Jon Jon

David & the boys

We walked down to the Austin Children's Museum and the boys had lots of fun. 

Pretending to be a vet. They had a machine that actually let you hear (loudly) the heartbeats of several different animals. Benjamin loved this area. His favorite animal he treated was a skunk. Good thing it was a stuffed one.

The big exhibit right now is called "Maker Kids" where we could walk to several stations and create lots of arts and crafts.

Jonathan taking the slide in reverse.

Rockin' out in the Mexico area.

The other budding drummer.

Hopped on a Capital Metro for a quick ride. 
These two drivers were a little scary though. 
They seemed a little inexperienced.

One of my favorite parts of the day? 
Cupcakes at Delish in downtown Austin. Mmmmm. 
That's all they serve....cupcakes! 
I loved my Red Velvet one but David's Mexican Vanilla was to die for. 
Daycation from Weight Watchers, too, huh?

Jonathan ate every bit of his chocolate cupcake. Mmmm.

We've loved you Family Fun Fridays. See you next June with more family excitement. Back to the reality of a "normal" schedule....whatever that may entail for the new school year. 

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Saturday Night in Salado

We had several things that kept us hoppin' this weekend, but one of the most memorable was our trip to see the Salado Legends performance Saturday night. David's boss invited us to the Tablerock play at the outdoor theater in downtown Salado. Originally we hired a sitter for the boys, but his boss mentioned they were included in the invitation and could join us. So, we all headed to "Tablerock" for the evening. 
It was a play that re-enacted how Salado was formed. It had live horses, gunfire and lots of singing. The director of the play also works at Ellison with David. The performance was great! We did have to leave a bit early due to rain and a tired two-year-old (it didn't start until 8:15, so we were glad he survived the first act!).

We were seated right next to the actual "tablerock" (pictured above). We may have been a little too close to it since the audience's attention was drawn to us when Jonathan took a tumble in one of the scenes over here. He'll be staying home next year.

Waiting for the show to start. 
I love how these ladies behind us posed for our photo. I have no idea who they are!

Dinner was even served before the play...we all ate on "tablerocks".

Love all the trees. And that adorable little boy.

We also had a super fun start to our week when we hosted our church play group at our house yesterday! 12 moms and 27 kiddos packed the place and had a WILD time! We had so much fun with all of our friends! Thanks for coming over.