Saturday, August 08, 2009

The Daycation....or Final 2009 Edition of

Shamu we did not meet....but that's okay. David is swamped and heading too far out of town for three days was just not a good idea this close to school starting. He does have two non-duty days to use by the end of October and we are hoping to head to SA sometime then.
We decided to still live it up for our last Family Fun Friday and took a "daycation" to Austin, much closer and easier to do in a day.
I am still an Austinite at heart, so heading back to my hometown is always a bit nostalgic and fun. 

We started the day at Zilker park riding the famous train. 

My view of J & D

We had snow-cones while awaiting our departure. 
It was soooo hot....I am secretly glad we did skip Sea World with the crazy August heat. 

Enjoyed the train's famous entertainer... Woode Wood.

Headed downtown for lunch at Jo's
We had never eaten there. It was quite tasty and very kitsch-y and Austinish.

Jon Jon

David & the boys

We walked down to the Austin Children's Museum and the boys had lots of fun. 

Pretending to be a vet. They had a machine that actually let you hear (loudly) the heartbeats of several different animals. Benjamin loved this area. His favorite animal he treated was a skunk. Good thing it was a stuffed one.

The big exhibit right now is called "Maker Kids" where we could walk to several stations and create lots of arts and crafts.

Jonathan taking the slide in reverse.

Rockin' out in the Mexico area.

The other budding drummer.

Hopped on a Capital Metro for a quick ride. 
These two drivers were a little scary though. 
They seemed a little inexperienced.

One of my favorite parts of the day? 
Cupcakes at Delish in downtown Austin. Mmmmm. 
That's all they serve....cupcakes! 
I loved my Red Velvet one but David's Mexican Vanilla was to die for. 
Daycation from Weight Watchers, too, huh?

Jonathan ate every bit of his chocolate cupcake. Mmmm.

We've loved you Family Fun Fridays. See you next June with more family excitement. Back to the reality of a "normal" schedule....whatever that may entail for the new school year. 


Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the pics. Remembering your first ride on the Zilker Park train in your pink gingham sunsuit in 1979.
Thanks for the memory.
Love, Mom

David Dominguez said...

Kristi, I really enjoyed spending time in your old stomping grounds! Great weekend, LLLY!

woode wood said...

love your two little drummers. next time your in town stop and i'll play them a song. thanks for the shout.....

Becky said...

What a fun last friday field trip of the summmer BLOW-OUT!!! Glad y'all survived the heat, that the good Lord for snow cones...right?!? favorite!

One of each flavor please! HA :)