Friday, February 27, 2009


Who isn't excited about Fridays? Although our weekend is busy, I still look forward to being at home a little and regrouping for a couple of days. And hopefully all four of us will be able to go to church this Sunday....barring anymore icky sickies.
A funny Benjamin-ism:
Last night, David had to work a little late for parent conferences. I asked him to call when he was on his way so I knew when to put supper in the oven. After getting off the phone with him, I lifted Benjamin off my lap and told him...
"Mommy needs to go put the fish in the oven so it's ready when Daddy gets home."
With eyes as big as saucers, he slowly turns to me and says (a little nervous)...
"Myyyyyyy little fish?"
Poor kid, not only has he had to cope with the recent departure of one goldfish, he was thinking mommy was about to cook up the other one!
After a little explaining, he understood. And had a good little chuckle, too.
Speaking of the "goldfish situation", to update you: Benjamin (being the smarty pants he can be) noticed Hollye's absence before we could "replace" her (could we ever really replace Hollye?). And he has been pretty okay with it. He knows that Hollye Fish got a little sick and had to go be with Jesus.
When he announced to Ms. Robin (his in-home KISD therapist) that his fish was now with Jesus, I thought she was going to fall out of her chair with his frankness about the situation. He finished up the conversation letting her know that one day he, too, would be with Jesus. I seriously teared up. What a kid!
And a little funny to leave you with:
(My dad emailed this photo from his camera of Jonathan diving into his cake on Saturday...who needs utensils?)

Monday, February 23, 2009

The Birthday "Party"

It's never fun being sick. Especially on your birthday. 
We thought Jonathan was on the mend after getting sick on Wednesday...but then Thursday night it started all over again. We had to go ahead and cancel his birthday party. It seems as though our little man has the Rotavirus. After chatting with the CVS Minute Clinic and the doctor's office, we're pretty sure that's what he's got. And it has to just run its course. We're just trying to keep him pumped full of liquids.
So, it was just us and my parents here for the "par-tay". Thinking he "seemed" better, we took the boy out to lunch at Chili's. Seeing as how that seemed to go so well, we went as far as cake and ice cream with the kiddo. We may have over done it...he got yucky sick all over again that night.
So...the big TWO. Not quite the celebration we had originally intended. But, thank you all for your sweet emails, comments and calls for our little guy. He is slowly returning to normal....very, very slowly. And loving being a "big" boy now. 

Unwrapping the Elmo farm from Grandma & Grandpa

Slippers!! Just like his brother's...thanks Grandma & Grandpa D!

A very cool puzzle from Uncle Dan & Aunt Syndi & the cousins.

The Elmo "Cupcake Cake". 

Slowly recovering...the slippers make it a little easier.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jonathan Turns 2!

We'll be celebrating Saturday!

We can't believe it, but our little guy Jonathan turns two years old on 2/21.

Sadly, the Birthday Boy is a little sick this weekend, so we had to cancel the big, blowout, preschooler bash. But we'll still have fun with Grandma & Grandpa, who are coming up from Marble Falls for the day.

Jonathan, we love you so much, and we're so thankful to God for bringing you to our family. You keep us on our toes, and you bring us amazing joy. Don't ever lose your adventurous spirit and your eagerness to try new things. (Just be a little more careful, kiddo...)

Mommy says it best: "Today, we celebrate YOU!!"

And, now, for a stroll down memory lane...

Beautiful Baby, Beautiful Mommy

Still Brand New

A Year Ago


Big Brother & Little Brother

Here's to another wonderful year!
Love, Daddy

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Yeehaw! We're Done!

After an entire month of this redecorating craziness...we have FINALLY finished Benjamin's room. Actually, we've been done for three whole days now. I just haven't had a chance to post because I've had kiddos who are under the weather. Which also explains why I am home on a Thursday afternoon. It looks like they're on the mend though. Jonathan ran fever as we put him to bed last night and the whole 24-hour rule prevented us from heading to preschool today. I am quite confident that he and his little buddies from his Bible class (and his BFF from school) will still be able to party-it-up-Elmo-style on Saturday! He's been acting a lot more like himself today.
Back to the room. After it was all said and done, no, I will never do this wall treatment again. It looks great, in my opinion. But it took SOOOO long. If we had an entire week (without work and school and such) to just devote to it, yes, it would have been done a lot quicker. But, when you basically have Saturdays and two holiday Mondays, it tends to drag on.
It occured to me today that we also spent next to nothing on this new room. Woohoo! Well, okay, so the actual materials for the walls kept adding up. When it was all said and done we used 11 rolls of paper, 4 buckets of wallpaper paste, and a $36 can of Polyurethane that was a complete waste of money...I will explain why later.
But as far as actual "stuff" for the room...not much moola. The actual purchases included six red bandanas and three galvanized tubs. That's it. Well, there's one more purchase I still need to make.
A few overviews (ignore the super annoying glaring light...I was super smart taking the photos in the middle of the day with that ridiculous eyebrow window we have in there):

The view when you enter the room. The quilt is actually Jonathan's that my super-talented mother-in-law made him when he was born. But, I think it totally goes in here with the rest of the stuff. And, Benjamin's quilt from Grandma Nyla is actually hanging in Jonathan's room. When they leave for college, we'll make sure everybody takes the correct quilt with them.

The boy's bed. I am desperately searching for a large barn star to put over his bed. It seems like every time we go on a road trip, we pass hundred of these little shops that have a bunch of the metal barn stars on display outside. Why is it when I am actually serching for one to buy that I can't find them anywhere? If you know of a spot in this area, let me know. I am looking for the plain, bronzed circle around it or any lettering. Just a big star for above the headboard!
We actually already had this comforter...we just had dreaded taking it to the landromat to wash since queen size comforters won't fit in our machine. It really wasn't too bad. Laundromats have really come a long way from the days of the Wash & Tan in Abilene. Seriously...who actually tanned there? I can't even recall seeing tanning beds.

The furniture that started it all! Last year, my brother, Mike and his family gave us this adorable dresser, a matching nightstand and desk (we are saving that until he outgrows the train table). I originally wanted to paint it black and I may still do that one day. At this point, I just wanted to get done, so we loaded it in. Now I can't decide if I'm going to paint it or not...any thoughts? The little markings on it are brands.

I have had the above "bookshelf" (if you could call it that) since college. I designed t-shirts for a shop in Abilene called T's-2-Please. When the owners sold the business to other family members, they gave away all of these shelves that they had used for displays. I jumped on that give-away, of course! It was originally barn wood, but I painted and distressed it a few years backs because of all the splinters and such. The shelves are so deep that they can be a little hard to keep organized, so I ran over to Tractor Supply Company and grabbed some seven gallon tubs-- just trying to keep with the Cowboy look. They're working out well for us so far. The top one is all dress-up clothes (for boys, you know pirate stuff, army hats, etc.). The middle one is books. And the bottom holds almost every piece of Disney's Cars loot that we own. Even all the little die-cast ones!

The window "mistreatment". I grabbed this idea from The Nester (she's sooo cool)! Part of the idea I took from the mistreatment she did using dinner napkins (in this case I used bandanas). The other part of the idea was to use old door knobs (which I have a entire box full of, but that's another post). I was excited to atleast put two knobs back to work. They hold up the rustic rope stuff that the bandanas are hanging on.

I thought of using some of the crystal knobs I have, but that might have been too girly. Funny, I had never figured out how to connect old knobs to the wall until she explained it on her blog. So glad I can display this proud badge of honor now:

We did run into one minor snag as you can see peeking out from behind the door in the following photo:
The Polyurethane was a totally messed up the treatment. After researching a little more (too late), we figured out what we should have bought. If you ever do this treatment (and trust me, I'll try to talk you out of it at all cost), you should use Drawtite Clear no-run low oder water base to make it shiny on top. We just decided that we liked it as is and didn't do a top coat. And we plan to cover up the Polyurethane disaster as soon as it is completely dry (yes, three days later and it is still tacky to the touch).

The best thing about this room? Benjamin LOVES it. : )

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Working on his Valentines for school

Good Morning, Valentines!

I just love Valentine's day! I love the colors of it...the foods (aka, the chocolate) and the meaning of the day. Just a fun day.
Hope your day is fun-filled and your Valentine treats ya well!
A little Valentine from our house to yours....a recipe for our new favorite pancake!
Keep in mind, I am doing Weight Watchers again, so it is considered "lowfat". But, I really didn't think they tasted lowfat at all. Neither did the boys.

Happy Heart Day from our House to Yours...

Blueberry-Bran Pancakes (great with a glass of pink milk!)
1 small serving ready-to-eat bran flakes (about 3/4 cup)
2 large egg whites
1 1/4 cup buttermilk
2 tsp canola oil
1 cup all-purpose flour
1 tbsp sugar
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/2 cup blueberries
2 tsp powdered sugar

Coat a nonstick skillet with cooking spray; heat over medium-high heat.

Crush cereal in a food processor or blender, or place in a zip-close plastic bag and crush with a rolling pin; set aside.

Stir egg whites, buttermilk, oil and cereal together in a medium bowl; allow to stand 5 minutes. Beat in flour, sugar, baking powder and baking soda with a wire whisk until well blended.

To make pancakes, place 3 tablespoons of batter onto skillet for each pancake. (I used a heart-mold today!) Gently press 5 to 6 blueberries into each pancake. Cook until puffed, about 2 minutes; flip and cook until golden brown, about 2 minutes more. Repeat to make 12 pancakes. Serve pancakes in a short stack dusted with powdered sugar (we totally skipped this and went a little more "traditional" with butter and syrup). Yields 3 pancakes per serving.

4 POINTS per serving.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Goodbye, Little Friend

Hollye the Fish
December 2006-February 2009

I am sad to report that our beloved "Hollye Fish" has gone on to that great fish bowl in the sky. "Gary Fish" will have a few more flakes to himself these days. When we came in from our trip tonight I discovered our little floatin' friend. We thought about a Huxtable-style fish funeral. But, we have very sensitive pipes and she was burried in a butter tub casket instead. (I use the term "burried" rather loosely here).
Benjamin is still not aware that she is gone. This, of course, is because his room is still under "remodeling" and the fish were hanging out in the kitchen until we were done. Not sure how to go about this. Perhaps a trip to the pet store may be in order soon.
We love you, Hollye Fish. You'll be missed terribly.

FYI-- The fish were named after their sweet givers, Hollye & Gary Hooten, good friends from Muleshoe.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hanging in Houston

Here we are again in Houston. David's conferences always seem to be here. It's been awhile since we joined him on a trip and we were really itching for a little getaway.
We have learned our way around this area pretty well. The last time we came, Jonathan was still a baby. Now, he is able to really join in all the fun.
Yesterday we headed to the Houston Zoo for a WILD time. Literally. Their main parking lot was under construction so it took us 45 minutes to find a spot to park...a mile down the road at the Garden Center! I was so glad I brought the wagon so Jonathan and the cooler could ride in it on the trek to the entrance (and around the zoo). Although, today my arms feel like they are going to fall off.
It turned into a great day, though. Perfect weather. Happy kids. Lots of fun outdoor playtime. And a few furry creatures thrown in. I must add that Benjamin was even brave enough to touch a snake! He told me it "felt like touching an apple". Benjamin's favorite was the sleeping tiger while Jonathan loved the "e-fant" (elephants). 
Last night, David even got to walk over to the Toyota Center with a couple of the guys from his school to enjoy the Rockets' game. His presence guaranteed them a win.
This morning David had to be at his session at 8 am (can you believe it? On a Sunday?). So, we found a GREAT spot, Donavan Park. We are hoping to find an evening service tonight to all go to. I haven't uploaded the photos from the park yet, but plan to soon. 
We all have yucky cruddy sinus-y stuff, so we came back to the hotel early so the boys could finally take a good nap (so hard to do when one is traveling)! Jonathan also seems to now be running a slight fever...oh well. We'll head home tomorrow and get back to the grind. Hopefully he'll bounce back pretty quickly!
A few zoo pics...

Touching the snake!

Stopping for a break. This is such a pretty zoo. Ever been?

Outside the elephant area.

The above photo was taken two years ago in June when we were down here. 
I know it is a bit blurry, I just copied & pasted from the post since I am on the laptop without the original.

Same spot, bigger boy. Jonathan would have nothing to do with this turtle shell.

Hey there, Mr. Goat.

Does it bother you if I tug on your ear for a bit?

Love the petting zoo area.

Mom's favorite: the flamingos. I need to get me a few of these for the front lawn.