Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hanging in Houston

Here we are again in Houston. David's conferences always seem to be here. It's been awhile since we joined him on a trip and we were really itching for a little getaway.
We have learned our way around this area pretty well. The last time we came, Jonathan was still a baby. Now, he is able to really join in all the fun.
Yesterday we headed to the Houston Zoo for a WILD time. Literally. Their main parking lot was under construction so it took us 45 minutes to find a spot to park...a mile down the road at the Garden Center! I was so glad I brought the wagon so Jonathan and the cooler could ride in it on the trek to the entrance (and around the zoo). Although, today my arms feel like they are going to fall off.
It turned into a great day, though. Perfect weather. Happy kids. Lots of fun outdoor playtime. And a few furry creatures thrown in. I must add that Benjamin was even brave enough to touch a snake! He told me it "felt like touching an apple". Benjamin's favorite was the sleeping tiger while Jonathan loved the "e-fant" (elephants). 
Last night, David even got to walk over to the Toyota Center with a couple of the guys from his school to enjoy the Rockets' game. His presence guaranteed them a win.
This morning David had to be at his session at 8 am (can you believe it? On a Sunday?). So, we found a GREAT spot, Donavan Park. We are hoping to find an evening service tonight to all go to. I haven't uploaded the photos from the park yet, but plan to soon. 
We all have yucky cruddy sinus-y stuff, so we came back to the hotel early so the boys could finally take a good nap (so hard to do when one is traveling)! Jonathan also seems to now be running a slight fever...oh well. We'll head home tomorrow and get back to the grind. Hopefully he'll bounce back pretty quickly!
A few zoo pics...

Touching the snake!

Stopping for a break. This is such a pretty zoo. Ever been?

Outside the elephant area.

The above photo was taken two years ago in June when we were down here. 
I know it is a bit blurry, I just copied & pasted from the post since I am on the laptop without the original.

Same spot, bigger boy. Jonathan would have nothing to do with this turtle shell.

Hey there, Mr. Goat.

Does it bother you if I tug on your ear for a bit?

Love the petting zoo area.

Mom's favorite: the flamingos. I need to get me a few of these for the front lawn.


Becky said...

What a fun little getaway to recharge and enjoy some family time! I am happy you turned a weekend without Dad into a family affair...hope you made it back safe and sound and that Jonathan will get over his fever quickly!

We've got the sinus-y, coughing junk too, luckily no fever though (knock on wood) Thanks for sharing the zoo pictures, the boys are so very sweet together.


Jennifer said...

I think it's funny that I lived in Houston for nearly 5 years and went to school and worked right across from the H-town Zoo, yet I NEVER went! How sad is that?! Anyway, sounds like a good time. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon! Have a safe trip back!