Monday, February 23, 2009

The Birthday "Party"

It's never fun being sick. Especially on your birthday. 
We thought Jonathan was on the mend after getting sick on Wednesday...but then Thursday night it started all over again. We had to go ahead and cancel his birthday party. It seems as though our little man has the Rotavirus. After chatting with the CVS Minute Clinic and the doctor's office, we're pretty sure that's what he's got. And it has to just run its course. We're just trying to keep him pumped full of liquids.
So, it was just us and my parents here for the "par-tay". Thinking he "seemed" better, we took the boy out to lunch at Chili's. Seeing as how that seemed to go so well, we went as far as cake and ice cream with the kiddo. We may have over done it...he got yucky sick all over again that night.
So...the big TWO. Not quite the celebration we had originally intended. But, thank you all for your sweet emails, comments and calls for our little guy. He is slowly returning to normal....very, very slowly. And loving being a "big" boy now. 

Unwrapping the Elmo farm from Grandma & Grandpa

Slippers!! Just like his brother's...thanks Grandma & Grandpa D!

A very cool puzzle from Uncle Dan & Aunt Syndi & the cousins.

The Elmo "Cupcake Cake". 

Slowly recovering...the slippers make it a little easier.


Beth said...

Poor little man!! The last picture with the slippers and holding baby is just so pitiful. Get better soon, Jonathan!!

Jennifer said...

Awww, poor Jonathan! Abriella still talks about the party that didn't happen. I told her that we weren't going to go since Jonathan was sick. She nodded and said, "Johnny." I cracked up that she shortened his name just like that. Anyway, hope the little guy gets back to 100% ASAP so he can enjoy being the big 2 year old on the block!!

David Dominguez said...

How funny that Abriella called him "Johnny". :)

Get well soon, big guy, and Happy Birthday!

Becky said...

Jonathan, we are so sorry that you are sick! I can tell by your expression in the last photo that you weren't feeling so hot!

At least you have your Cars slippers to keep your feet happy!

Get to feeling better soon little buddy! We want to tell you Happy 2 in person :)

HUGS to our favorite Dominguez's (is that how you pluralize that?)

YES...English is my first language! Even though at times it doesn't seem that way.

Syndi said...

We hope he's feeling better real soon. It looks like he had a pretty good day anyway. He looks so much like Benjamin-sometimes in pictures it's hard to tell which one is which! Happy Birthday Jonathan!

CandiceM said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog!! Yes we are c of C, my husband is a preacher! I LOVE your little boy's room! that is just so fabulous and creative!

Lori said...

So sad that Jonathan was sick! Hope the little man is feeling better. the invite you did for Amy :)

Amanda said...

Oh, poor kiddo. Hey, am I good or what? I diagnosed Rotavirus like 2 days ago, didn't I???

Such a bummer to be so sick on his birthday. Can't wait for you guys to be all better so we can see you again.