Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Madness Begins!

It is funny to me how in this day and age there are many days celebrated for each and every holiday. You know how it is...there is a party for Halloween with every group you belong to...preschool parties, the church carnival, your office party, etc. I actually really appreciate it for Halloween because I feel like I am totally getting my money's worth in these costumes! So, our Halloween festivities began a few days ago and will continue through tonight with the traditional trick or treat around my parents' neighborhood.
Benjamin has loved every minute of it. He really gets it this year. Especially the candy part... it has been an interesting debate between me and my four-year-old over why he can't have every piece of candy at once. Why must it be rationed out?
It is so much fun to see him get "into" this, though. He is already talking about Santa Claus coming in a couple of months, too!
Here are a few pictures from the Funival at our church and preschool party day.

This was actually the end of the night, when our little clown was ready to pack it in.

Mmmm...cupcake icing. Funny how nobody realized the wrapper was still on his cupcake!

Benjamin won his cupcake on the cupcake walk-- fun!

Jonathan and his pal, Landry. We would have also had a photo of Bethany and Benjamin, but apparently in costume, they are terrified of one another. It was pretty funny...they wanted nothing to do with each other!

The king of the bounce house!

This was after trick or treating at preschool when Benjamin discovered how full his bag was-- SCORE!

This is Benjamin's class. I know most of the parents and have asked before if I could put their kiddo's photos on our blog. However, if this photo disappears, that means I talked to the other couple of parents I hadn't asked yet! I just thought it was fun to have a group shot! Benjamin is sitting next to his mermaid friend, Autumn and on the other side of him is a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Marlie. I love how his fireman friend Payton, is not even caring about the photo...he is into his loot!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Wonder of Words

We have always felt like Benjamin has a very interesting vocabulary. He is very quiet in groups, but once he is comfortable and "in his element", he never ceases to amaze me. A few of my favorites lately...

Sitting at the table the other night, I noticed Benjamin was sitting crooked in his chair...
Mommy: "Benjamin, can you please sit the right way in your chair?"
Benjamin: "No, I can't. I like to sit the left way in my chair."

I noticed snickers from the peanut gallery as David nudges me and says..."he really is seated on the left side, you can't blame him."

We are indeed learning left and right so, seriously, what could I do?

Yesterday in the playroom, Jonathan was playing with one of Benjamin's favorite trucks. Benjamin just looks at me, sort of rolls his eyes (a new thing), and says matter-of-factly...
"I think it's time for Jonathan to go back into your tummy."
Whatever, dude. He's almost two. He's here to stay.

Lastly, he is learning a lot about his senses and the body parts they use.

Again at the table...
Benjamin: "Pupils are in our eyes. They are how we see. When the light goes on, the pupils get small. When it is dark, pupils are big. I think my pupil is broken."
Mommy: "Oh, I don't think so."
Benjamin: (poking at his eye) "Oh, now I fixed it."
And along those same lines...
Benjamin: "I don't have ear drums, mommy. Just regular ears."
Mommy: "Actually, everyone has ear drums, you just can't see them because they are on the inside of your ear."
Benjamin: (taking a sideways glance in the mirror) "Oh, there they are!"

These days Benjamin is not the only wordy one in the house. Jonathan is fast on his heels building up his little vocabulary. Some of his latest:
MINE!: I truly think he learned this one at preschool. He uses it just how a 20-month old would...laying claim to everything in sight.
I "di" it: I did it! This is always accompanied by touchdown arms and squeals of glee.
Bendumun: He can say his brother's name! It is pretty cute.
Hi Daaa-eee: Hi, Daddy! This phrase is heard about 100 times a day. He even busted on into our LifeGroup the other night with it...madly searching for his daddy.

On a side note...thank you all so much for the photo help! I think I have made my decision. I'll have to post again when everything comes in. I really appreciated all of the input!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preschool Pictures

A few weeks ago, Mollie Beam came to preschool and did our fall pictures for all the kids. Truthfully, from the get-go I wasn't planning on placing a big order. I have been chatting lately with my super-talented friend, Melissa, and we are planning on having photos made with her pretty soon. So, I hadn't really thought about ordering any preschool pics until I saw them on Mollie's site and my interest was, well, peaked. And I don't know, there is something weird in me knowing that there are pictures of my kids in existence that makes me want to buy a couple. Strange, I know.
And reason number three is the cowboy motif of these photos. After the holdays, both boys' rooms are finally getting done (as in paint, bedding, etc.). I have never had the chance to put together a room for Jonathan, he has just used the nursery stuff from Benjamin; it seemed silly at the time to spend a bunch of money on new stuff (sometimes I feel like he missed out, David says it was just me who "missed out"). And we were recently given some really fun "Howdy-Doody" looking furniture from my brother Mike, and I can't wait to put together a cowboy room for someone using it and this. Long story short, with the furniture sets we have (including the new stuff from Mike), it looks like the way to go is Benjamin getting a cowboy room and Jonathan will have something else interesting. So, part of me likes the photos for that reason. I would have never thought to dress my kids in a "theme" for photos, but the letter home from school said "classy western" so here we are...(and some are just rather humorous to us, so I bought the "Blog Set" just to have some help with choosing).

Honestly, this is the only one of Jonathan that I really liked. But, his expression is somewhat "Mona Lisa"-ish to us. Is he about to laugh or cry? I can't decide what to do here..should I order or not? Laugh or cry?

A friend of mine from preschool has told me a hundred times that she is in love with this photo where the boys are "thoughtfully gazing off". I like it, but it bothers me that their expressions are not the in one kid smiling, the other frowning. And then there's the whole idea that we never wear cowboy hats in our family, so my kids look a little like ducks out of water here. (Although, there were two solid years in high school when I permed my hair and wore Rockies every other day. I basically put that on here to cover myself in case anyone from high school did read this and post a comment about those two years. Or mentioned the George Strait concert where I actually shook hands with the man on his way to the stage. I looked like a hick from the sticks that night. But, it was really fun. Sorry. I digress.)

Okay...this one just cracked us up. It should be on a WANTED poster somewhere in black and white. I almost feel like ordering it for the humor.

I LOVE this one. My mom doesn't like it because she said he looks sad. I told her it was artistic. I really want to order it. Sorry, mom.

She liked this one better since he is smiling (although "you can't see his teeth", she has some weird hang up with that and has since I was little). But, these pics were not taken until after lunch, so his hair isn't nicely gelled, schelacked, spiked and sprayed at this point.

Not sure what to think here. This is not really a "Benjamin expression".

I love this because it is a "Benjamin expression" all over. But, I am annoyed at the wrinkle in his shirt (Melissa, are you totally about to cancel on me because I am overly picky? I promise, I won't be!). But, I love how is legs are over the side of the chair and that classic little half-smile is totally him.

Ehh...still not sure. Again with the darn wrinkle. And hat.

So, I know I really want to order one of Benjamin for sure. She does the whole wrapped canvas print thing and I thought that would look great in a cowboy bedroom. Tell me which one of B to order! Or two side by side? Or three? If you say three, you must be willing to pay for one. And I need a new pair of black heels while you're at it.
In terms of the two of them...any thoughts on those shots? Should I buy the one of Jonathan that I like? Will I totally regret it if I don't? Is it totally time to stop asking questions and end this blog?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

We made our yearly pilgrimage to tell our friends, the pumpkins, hello. Last year, we made two trips to pumpkin patches, because the first was a bit disasterous. So, this year, we decided to just go to the smaller patch up the street from us rather than traveling all the way to Temple to the glorified patch that left half of our party in tears last year. We had a fun little time and the boys really enjoyed tumbling, running through and exploring the patch!
Just to warn you, this post is purely pictures. Bring on the orange!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Just An Update

Nothing major going on around here except for the busy-ness the fall always brings. We were actually supposed to have been on a retreat with our class this weekend, but our plans fell through so we are all hanging out at home.
Benjamin had his four year check-up at the doctor on Wednesday. He did great! I think he only goes for the free lollipop. And because I make him. Poor kid...he had four regular shots plus the flu shot. He handled it as expected, a little bit of "'re done now!" And maybe one or two tears. After watching Benjamin get all of those shots, it was Jonathan's turn for his flu shot. He watched the nurse prep the needle, rub his thunder-thigh with alcohol, stick him, inject it and pull it out. All without a peep. It was like a walk in the park for him. The two nurses and I really couldn't get over his "non-reaction"!
We are hoping to make it to the pumpkin patch after church tomorrow morning. Other than that, we're hanging out and catching up on stuff!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Meme

My sweet friend, Becky, over at Casita de Alaniz, tagged me with a fun little meme. The assignment? To grab the 6th photo off of the 6th file of photos on my computer and post it. Well, since I have been hogging David's MacBook all weekend, I thought I would use something off of his iPhoto files. I totally forgot that a bunch of our vacation photos (and not many others) are on here! So....

I love this photo! It is of my boys as they headed down to the beach when we were down at the North Padre Island National Seashore this summer. If this meme was for the 7th folder, this would have ended up being a random photo David has on here of Scott Van Pelt of ESPN-- what is this all about? I just thought that was a close one! Whew. I tag Jami, Leslye, Courtney,Brooke, Heather and Amy. You know your connection! : )

Saturday, October 11, 2008

So NOT Happening

There are two reasons for my 1 am post: 1) I am annoyed that my photo was the first thing that popped on the screen so I desperately needed to "move it on down the line" and 2) I am totally not ready to sleep after watching the craziest, creepiest movie I have seen in a long time.
For some reason, we just dropped five bucks through the DVR to watch the new Shyamalan (sp?) movie, The Happening and now I am totally creeped out. David is already snoozing. And he apparently loved the flick. Me, not so much.
I loved The Sixth Sense and The Village, and was okayed by his other movies. But, seriously....couldn't handle this one. Read no further if you plan on seeing it and do not want it spoiled.
There was no definite "ending". I am still wondering what "it" was that caused the mayhem. That is the whole reason I watch this man's movies...the awesome twists at the end. But now, I am left to wonder...what on earth did I just watch?
As a Christian, I know this is not real. I know in times of desperatation, no matter what, I will always seek the Lord. And of course, not just in those times. But this is one of those movies that makes you feel alone and somewhat helpless. I am one of those people that puts myself right into a movie and sometimes that backfires. And tonight it did.
If you have seen this, and have a clue as to what really happened, please feel free to let me know. I may be a bit clueless not being able to read into this one, but I am scratching my head in utter confusion.
On a side note, I did enjoy Marky Mark in it. And the gal from Failure to Launch. The rest of the cast must have been leftover from the "Funky Bunch" days. And M.Night did not even make his usual appearance. Or did I miss it?

Thursday, October 09, 2008

She's down...but not out

A friend mentioned the other day that she never sees photos of me on the blog (did you forget what I looked like...hehe?)! Since this post is, well, about me, there you go. Now I won't have to post one for a year or so. : )
Onto the actual "meat" of this post. I am inevitably...under the weather. I knew going into teaching preschool that this would indeed happen. I had a little cold bug the first weekend after school started, but this past Tuesday night, I was mess.
I am a big believer in Airborne and have been popping those the first four weeks everyday. Wouldn't you know it, the week I ran out, I get the crud. does work.
I know you are all so thrilled to be reading about sickies...but I was due a post, and seriously, not much else going on.
Wednesday morning, I decided it was high time to actually meet the doctor whose name has been on my insurance card for a year and a half. I was even more excited to get to meet his PA instead-- she was awesome! Now I am feeling good. I am on all sorts of meds...even one that is super fun to take (ever tried Advair? Woohoo). I even pulled it together and made it to school today. I couldn't miss fire truck day, now, could I? Even though the fireman actually terrified 3/4 of my class who decided NOT to tour the actual truck when it was their turn. Seriously, who uses the phrases "monsters are real" and "dead in your bed" to three-year-olds? Oh, landy. My director and I kept looking at each other while he was talking thinking...what on earth? I digress.
Life is a little back to normal now and after half a week of hot dogs and pizza, I am actually going to venture back to the store tomorrow. Benjamin can only live on Capri Suns and Cars snacks for so long.
On a side "sicky" will all get a kick out of this one. If you read this blog or have ever met me, you know my stomach bug phobia/craziness. Of all the classes to have the first official throw up of the year...mine won on Tuesday. I had a kid totally lose his lunch during naptime. Inevitably, all the other kids wanted to tell me their awesome stories of when they, too, threw up recently! Let the fun begin....flu season is here.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Our Funny Four-Year-Old

Benjamin's little one-liners sometimes amaze us. And sometimes the conversations we have leave us raising our eyebrows looking at one another thinking..."where does he get this stuff?"
This morning he cracked us up when we got home from church. David told him "thanks for being such a good boy at church" he paused and continued with..."and at Bible class."
Benjamin looks at him and says, "I don't know about that one."
I guess I'll be checking with Miss Mary to see how Bible class went!
We were eating lunch a bit later and Benjamin was working on scooting his chair up to the table. He kept going up and down while he was trying to scoot, and he chuckled and said sort of quietly..."hydraulics".
David and I looked at each other and asked for clarification.
He indeed meant what he said.
When I asked him what hydraulics were, he said quite matter-of factly, "they make the car go up and down."
David asked where he learned that.
"At preschool" was his response.
I want to just clarify right now that our preschool is not teaching four-year-olds "Mechanics 101" on the side. He did not learn that at preschool. He actually learned it from the Tag reader using his Cars book. The book explains that the car Ramone has hydraulics.
For a brief moment, however, we both wondered if his class was just super advanced!

Here is one of the songs he has learned at preschool...

He's one great kiddo.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Consignment Craziness!

I tore it up with my pal, Beth, at this season's Mommy & Me Presale tonight. Beth is preggers and scored some awesome deals, too: a pack and play, a travel high chair, a bouncy seat, a play mat, a boppy and bathtub...all for a steal. I was super excited for her, and we had a great time in the process.
This time, I pretty much stuck to clothing. Since we are coming off of a birthday-induced toy high, we really don't need any major play items right now. But, I was super pleased at all the great deals I found. And I scored a bunch of great play clothes for preschool (some shirts for only a dollar a piece)!
The spread (Benjamin's clothes on the left side of the bed, Jonathan's on the right):
Excuse the side-ways photo...this was the favorite outfit I got for Jonathan. The colors don't look as great in he photo, but it is chocolate brown pants with the red and brown plaid shirt...look for it Sunday morning, church friends!

The deal of the night: a brand new Gymboree shirt (with tags) for six bucks. The cool thing is that I already have some stuff from this particular Gymboree line (socks and overalls) that will go perfectly! Score!

My favorite items for Benjamin were this Talbot's Kids rugby and the Gymboree sweater that Beth talked me into keeping (it was a maybe for a while, but I am so glad I got it)!
Great find of the night: (again excuse the side-ways), I found holiday PJs for Jonathan that match the ones I got Benjamin at the same sale last year (they were too big last year, so this worked out so well)!

And we managed to find Halloween costumes, too! I even called Benjamin to make sure he was good with being an alligator! The funny thing about this is that I originally grabbed a Sully (from the movie, Monsters, Inc.) costume for Benjamin since he LOVES Sully. But after toting that thing all over the place at the sale, we realized it was soooo hot and furry that it would have been horrible to put him in it. Especially since they wear the costumes all day at preschool one day. I think Jonathan is going to make a pretty cute clown in his costume!!

The most exciting thing of the night...and hold onto your hats...the Mommy & Me sale is coming to Bell county in the spring!! Woohoo! That's right, the weekend of March 14th the sale will be in full force right in Belton at the Expo center. How stinkin' cool is that? All of us from church have either gone to Waco or Austin for these big events, this is the first time one will be right here! So, we can not only consign, but work a sale and even attend the Sunday afternoon half-price sales! This is HUGE news. Maybe not to everyone, but thanks for letting me burst with excitement! See you in March, good deals!

Welcome, Everet Ford!

Our new nephew, Everet Ford Dominguez was born this afternoon to David's brother, Daniel and his wife, Syndi! When I get a few more details and a photo, I will add them. Welcome to the world, little guy! Can't wait to meet you.