Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Madness Begins!

It is funny to me how in this day and age there are many days celebrated for each and every holiday. You know how it is...there is a party for Halloween with every group you belong to...preschool parties, the church carnival, your office party, etc. I actually really appreciate it for Halloween because I feel like I am totally getting my money's worth in these costumes! So, our Halloween festivities began a few days ago and will continue through tonight with the traditional trick or treat around my parents' neighborhood.
Benjamin has loved every minute of it. He really gets it this year. Especially the candy part... it has been an interesting debate between me and my four-year-old over why he can't have every piece of candy at once. Why must it be rationed out?
It is so much fun to see him get "into" this, though. He is already talking about Santa Claus coming in a couple of months, too!
Here are a few pictures from the Funival at our church and preschool party day.

This was actually the end of the night, when our little clown was ready to pack it in.

Mmmm...cupcake icing. Funny how nobody realized the wrapper was still on his cupcake!

Benjamin won his cupcake on the cupcake walk-- fun!

Jonathan and his pal, Landry. We would have also had a photo of Bethany and Benjamin, but apparently in costume, they are terrified of one another. It was pretty funny...they wanted nothing to do with each other!

The king of the bounce house!

This was after trick or treating at preschool when Benjamin discovered how full his bag was-- SCORE!

This is Benjamin's class. I know most of the parents and have asked before if I could put their kiddo's photos on our blog. However, if this photo disappears, that means I talked to the other couple of parents I hadn't asked yet! I just thought it was fun to have a group shot! Benjamin is sitting next to his mermaid friend, Autumn and on the other side of him is a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader, Marlie. I love how his fireman friend Payton, is not even caring about the photo...he is into his loot!


Beth said...

Cute, cute, cute, cute!! The costumes look great, and I love how excited Benjamin looks. They are going to have so much fun tonight (and you too, of course)!!

Melissa said... our house it's TY who doesn't understand about the rationing out of candy. I completely agree that Halloween sure is fun this year with both kiddos being able to enjoy it. Think how great Christmas will be!!!

Rebecca said...

Those pictures are so cute! I loved seeing the boys in costume! I was sad we had to miss the preschool parties, but she will get to wear her costume one more time tonight. I agree that it is good to get a few wearings out of them :)

Amanda said...

Ha! Yeah, Bethany and Benjamin were really afraid of one another, weren't they? I have a picture of them and it's quite funny. I'll have to send it to you!

Tori said...

Can't tell you how many times I was a clown (rodeo) growing up. Cute, cute! Ben would go great with Trail...he was a turtle.

Cutest new blog papers ever. Put me on the list when you have time!!

Anonymous said...

Love their costumes!

Amy said...

The boys look SOOOO cute. I hope I can see them soon. They just look so great!