Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Wonder of Words

We have always felt like Benjamin has a very interesting vocabulary. He is very quiet in groups, but once he is comfortable and "in his element", he never ceases to amaze me. A few of my favorites lately...

Sitting at the table the other night, I noticed Benjamin was sitting crooked in his chair...
Mommy: "Benjamin, can you please sit the right way in your chair?"
Benjamin: "No, I can't. I like to sit the left way in my chair."

I noticed snickers from the peanut gallery as David nudges me and says..."he really is seated on the left side, you can't blame him."

We are indeed learning left and right so, seriously, what could I do?

Yesterday in the playroom, Jonathan was playing with one of Benjamin's favorite trucks. Benjamin just looks at me, sort of rolls his eyes (a new thing), and says matter-of-factly...
"I think it's time for Jonathan to go back into your tummy."
Whatever, dude. He's almost two. He's here to stay.

Lastly, he is learning a lot about his senses and the body parts they use.

Again at the table...
Benjamin: "Pupils are in our eyes. They are how we see. When the light goes on, the pupils get small. When it is dark, pupils are big. I think my pupil is broken."
Mommy: "Oh, I don't think so."
Benjamin: (poking at his eye) "Oh, now I fixed it."
And along those same lines...
Benjamin: "I don't have ear drums, mommy. Just regular ears."
Mommy: "Actually, everyone has ear drums, you just can't see them because they are on the inside of your ear."
Benjamin: (taking a sideways glance in the mirror) "Oh, there they are!"

These days Benjamin is not the only wordy one in the house. Jonathan is fast on his heels building up his little vocabulary. Some of his latest:
MINE!: I truly think he learned this one at preschool. He uses it just how a 20-month old would...laying claim to everything in sight.
I "di" it: I did it! This is always accompanied by touchdown arms and squeals of glee.
Bendumun: He can say his brother's name! It is pretty cute.
Hi Daaa-eee: Hi, Daddy! This phrase is heard about 100 times a day. He even busted on into our LifeGroup the other night with it...madly searching for his daddy.

On a side note...thank you all so much for the photo help! I think I have made my decision. I'll have to post again when everything comes in. I really appreciated all of the input!


Rebecca said...

LOL! I love the comment that Benjamin made about Jonathan going back into your tummy :) That's impressive that he knows so much about pupils and he can fix them! I thought it was precious when Jonathan came in looking for his Daddy the other night.

Amanda said...

I seriously laughed out loud at the going back into your tummy comment. I could totally hear that coming out of my older daughter's mouth! Benjamin is too funny - AND smart!

Grandma Pecos said...

I love hearing what the boys are saying. What fun! Thanks for taking the time to share all of this. I appreciate you!

Shellie said...

He just has PERSONALITY!

GPaty said...

I LOVE your boys. They are darling!
By the way, really like the new topper. Can you pimp my blog for me? It needs some attention......