Saturday, October 11, 2008

So NOT Happening

There are two reasons for my 1 am post: 1) I am annoyed that my photo was the first thing that popped on the screen so I desperately needed to "move it on down the line" and 2) I am totally not ready to sleep after watching the craziest, creepiest movie I have seen in a long time.
For some reason, we just dropped five bucks through the DVR to watch the new Shyamalan (sp?) movie, The Happening and now I am totally creeped out. David is already snoozing. And he apparently loved the flick. Me, not so much.
I loved The Sixth Sense and The Village, and was okayed by his other movies. But, seriously....couldn't handle this one. Read no further if you plan on seeing it and do not want it spoiled.
There was no definite "ending". I am still wondering what "it" was that caused the mayhem. That is the whole reason I watch this man's movies...the awesome twists at the end. But now, I am left to wonder...what on earth did I just watch?
As a Christian, I know this is not real. I know in times of desperatation, no matter what, I will always seek the Lord. And of course, not just in those times. But this is one of those movies that makes you feel alone and somewhat helpless. I am one of those people that puts myself right into a movie and sometimes that backfires. And tonight it did.
If you have seen this, and have a clue as to what really happened, please feel free to let me know. I may be a bit clueless not being able to read into this one, but I am scratching my head in utter confusion.
On a side note, I did enjoy Marky Mark in it. And the gal from Failure to Launch. The rest of the cast must have been leftover from the "Funky Bunch" days. And M.Night did not even make his usual appearance. Or did I miss it?


Jennifer H said...

Gary and I watched it last night, too! Totally freaked me out! I had the same reaction and evaluation that you did. Seeing Marky-Mark in a serious role was the hilight of the movie.

Hope y'all are doing well. Would love to see you next trip to Abilene.

David said...

Yeah, this one left a pretty hopeless feeling, with no resolution.

Thanks for watching it with me, though!

lauren said...

Ewww I did not like that movie either!!! I like Marky Mark though :) I hope you are feeling better!!

tracey said...

We're big M. Night fans ourselves, but not as much into this one. Having said that, it definitely does help to read the site and what M. Night was trying to do with this film. He was basically just wanting to make a B-movie and there is a sort of criteria list for them. I think if people had understood that better, they would have taken it in differently -- I know I would have! I think M. Night is very experimental and tries to be cutting edge...but man, I had that old lady's face in my mind all night after I saw it!