Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Preschool Pictures

A few weeks ago, Mollie Beam came to preschool and did our fall pictures for all the kids. Truthfully, from the get-go I wasn't planning on placing a big order. I have been chatting lately with my super-talented friend, Melissa, and we are planning on having photos made with her pretty soon. So, I hadn't really thought about ordering any preschool pics until I saw them on Mollie's site and my interest was, well, peaked. And I don't know, there is something weird in me knowing that there are pictures of my kids in existence that makes me want to buy a couple. Strange, I know.
And reason number three is the cowboy motif of these photos. After the holdays, both boys' rooms are finally getting done (as in paint, bedding, etc.). I have never had the chance to put together a room for Jonathan, he has just used the nursery stuff from Benjamin; it seemed silly at the time to spend a bunch of money on new stuff (sometimes I feel like he missed out, David says it was just me who "missed out"). And we were recently given some really fun "Howdy-Doody" looking furniture from my brother Mike, and I can't wait to put together a cowboy room for someone using it and this. Long story short, with the furniture sets we have (including the new stuff from Mike), it looks like the way to go is Benjamin getting a cowboy room and Jonathan will have something else interesting. So, part of me likes the photos for that reason. I would have never thought to dress my kids in a "theme" for photos, but the letter home from school said "classy western" so here we are...(and some are just rather humorous to us, so I bought the "Blog Set" just to have some help with choosing).

Honestly, this is the only one of Jonathan that I really liked. But, his expression is somewhat "Mona Lisa"-ish to us. Is he about to laugh or cry? I can't decide what to do here..should I order or not? Laugh or cry?

A friend of mine from preschool has told me a hundred times that she is in love with this photo where the boys are "thoughtfully gazing off". I like it, but it bothers me that their expressions are not the in one kid smiling, the other frowning. And then there's the whole idea that we never wear cowboy hats in our family, so my kids look a little like ducks out of water here. (Although, there were two solid years in high school when I permed my hair and wore Rockies every other day. I basically put that on here to cover myself in case anyone from high school did read this and post a comment about those two years. Or mentioned the George Strait concert where I actually shook hands with the man on his way to the stage. I looked like a hick from the sticks that night. But, it was really fun. Sorry. I digress.)

Okay...this one just cracked us up. It should be on a WANTED poster somewhere in black and white. I almost feel like ordering it for the humor.

I LOVE this one. My mom doesn't like it because she said he looks sad. I told her it was artistic. I really want to order it. Sorry, mom.

She liked this one better since he is smiling (although "you can't see his teeth", she has some weird hang up with that and has since I was little). But, these pics were not taken until after lunch, so his hair isn't nicely gelled, schelacked, spiked and sprayed at this point.

Not sure what to think here. This is not really a "Benjamin expression".

I love this because it is a "Benjamin expression" all over. But, I am annoyed at the wrinkle in his shirt (Melissa, are you totally about to cancel on me because I am overly picky? I promise, I won't be!). But, I love how is legs are over the side of the chair and that classic little half-smile is totally him.

Ehh...still not sure. Again with the darn wrinkle. And hat.

So, I know I really want to order one of Benjamin for sure. She does the whole wrapped canvas print thing and I thought that would look great in a cowboy bedroom. Tell me which one of B to order! Or two side by side? Or three? If you say three, you must be willing to pay for one. And I need a new pair of black heels while you're at it.
In terms of the two of them...any thoughts on those shots? Should I buy the one of Jonathan that I like? Will I totally regret it if I don't? Is it totally time to stop asking questions and end this blog?


Faith said...

Oh goodness Kristi, they are so handsome! Absolutely gorgeous photos. I have no idea how in the world you're going to choose, lol. Can't wait to see the new cowboy room :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see the pics made it to the blog. I still like the one of B with the smile and I guess J with the Mona Lisa look. David looks good. Very distinguish looking.
Love ya all,
Grandma Pawlik

Jami said...

Ok. Because I love photos of my boys so much, too, I had to comment and try to help you. Since we live so far apart and cannot be around y'all, then I don't really know the personality of your boys -- except for what you reveal on this blog. I know my two can be very different sometimes. I like the first photo of the two of them that you posted even if their expressions are different. Does it match their personalities? If so, then I'd get that one.

I also like both the first one of Jonathan alone and the first one of Benjamin alone. I don't think they look sad; I think they look like they're in deep thought. Don't you just wonder what goes through their little minds sometimes?

And I also like the one of Benjamin with his legs over the couch (the one you said is a Benjamin expression). The wrinkle in his shirt doesn't bother me a bit (if you wanted another person's opinion about that). I think this is the one I would choose for his room.

Honestly, I've never posted a comment so long on anyone's blog. So sorry about that. I just felt that I needed to help because we are getting pictures made tomorrow and I might need the favor returned from you next week. :-)

Love ya!

Melissa said...

Well, I don't know if I can help you choose pictures right now because I'm too busy giggling about you and the Rockies/perm look. Can't you post pictures of that?

Seriously, I am jealous because our kids' school uses Lifetouch, so I actually don't buy them. I'm normally like you and feel compelled. Anyhow, my favorite is the horizontal one of B where he is making one of his typical expressions. Even with the wrinkle, I like it.

If you want an "official school portrait" for every year, I'd choose the Mona Lisa of J and the serious close-up of B.

I like both pics of both boys together. I'd probably pick the one that is the most true to their personalities and get that one. The "wanted poster" makes me laugh, too. I don't blame you a bit for being picky either. If I was going to shell out the cash for a gallery wrap, I'd want perfection!

You'll have to let us know what you decide, and no, you didn't scare me away :-)

Anonymous said...

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Rebecca said...

Its hard to pick isn't it? I didn't end up ordering any of Kylee's b/c she wasn't smiling in any of them, but I came close. I like the one of the boys together above the "wanted" shot. I also like the one of Benjamin with his legs over the chair and a half smile. That is totally him! Hard choice. Good luck!

Amanda said...

Definitely get the one of Benjamin on the couch with the half smile. The wrinke in his shirt doesn't matter in my opinion. I think it would be super cute in a cowboy room!

Amanda said...

Oh, and I'm with Melissa - I totally need to see some pics of you with a perm wearing Rockies. :)

Courtney said...

I totally love the "Cowboy" pictures!! I am taking "Cowgirl" pictures of Kambree this weekend for my Cow room!! So excited! They are all too cute, even with the wrinkle, and no teeth, and the not shellacked hair, and the hats!!

Grandma Pecos said...

They are all adorable, but that's probably not helpful, so, here go's. The first pic of J is nice, none of us smiles all the time. In pic 2, their different expressions don't matter, it's nice. Pic 3, B is so deadpan, it would be fun to frame as a wanted poster, but whether or not to spend money for that, only you and David can decide. Pic 4 with B thoughtful, I love it, I think you'd be glad later if you got that one ( it is artistic and different). Pic 7, Benjamin with sideways smile is great. What wrinkle (meant to show how unimportant I think it is)? I think you will regret not getting that one. I'll be happy to pay for a pic as long as I get it to have it, ha, ha. I know it's hard to decide, especially if you're going to get some others taken soon. Anyway, that's my opinion for what it's worth. Love you all!!!