Friday, October 03, 2008

Consignment Craziness!

I tore it up with my pal, Beth, at this season's Mommy & Me Presale tonight. Beth is preggers and scored some awesome deals, too: a pack and play, a travel high chair, a bouncy seat, a play mat, a boppy and bathtub...all for a steal. I was super excited for her, and we had a great time in the process.
This time, I pretty much stuck to clothing. Since we are coming off of a birthday-induced toy high, we really don't need any major play items right now. But, I was super pleased at all the great deals I found. And I scored a bunch of great play clothes for preschool (some shirts for only a dollar a piece)!
The spread (Benjamin's clothes on the left side of the bed, Jonathan's on the right):
Excuse the side-ways photo...this was the favorite outfit I got for Jonathan. The colors don't look as great in he photo, but it is chocolate brown pants with the red and brown plaid shirt...look for it Sunday morning, church friends!

The deal of the night: a brand new Gymboree shirt (with tags) for six bucks. The cool thing is that I already have some stuff from this particular Gymboree line (socks and overalls) that will go perfectly! Score!

My favorite items for Benjamin were this Talbot's Kids rugby and the Gymboree sweater that Beth talked me into keeping (it was a maybe for a while, but I am so glad I got it)!
Great find of the night: (again excuse the side-ways), I found holiday PJs for Jonathan that match the ones I got Benjamin at the same sale last year (they were too big last year, so this worked out so well)!

And we managed to find Halloween costumes, too! I even called Benjamin to make sure he was good with being an alligator! The funny thing about this is that I originally grabbed a Sully (from the movie, Monsters, Inc.) costume for Benjamin since he LOVES Sully. But after toting that thing all over the place at the sale, we realized it was soooo hot and furry that it would have been horrible to put him in it. Especially since they wear the costumes all day at preschool one day. I think Jonathan is going to make a pretty cute clown in his costume!!

The most exciting thing of the night...and hold onto your hats...the Mommy & Me sale is coming to Bell county in the spring!! Woohoo! That's right, the weekend of March 14th the sale will be in full force right in Belton at the Expo center. How stinkin' cool is that? All of us from church have either gone to Waco or Austin for these big events, this is the first time one will be right here! So, we can not only consign, but work a sale and even attend the Sunday afternoon half-price sales! This is HUGE news. Maybe not to everyone, but thanks for letting me burst with excitement! See you in March, good deals!


Jennifer said...

WHOOHOOO!! Coming to Belton!! That's AWESOME!! I'm so tired of driving to go to these consignment sales. Thanks for sharing your great steals and the news of it coming here in the spring!

Monica said...

LOVE the consignment sale!! I always get tons of stuff at our sale. Dressing little girls can drain the pocket book. It is fun to buy those big dollar items for small dollars. : ) You found lots of great clothes.

Lori said...

WOW! You scored some great deals! I didn't end up getting to go to the presale here, but I did sell quite a bit! The alligator costume is super cute!

Becky said...

OH WOW Kristi, seeing it totally different than hearing about seriously SCORED!!!!!