Thursday, June 07, 2012


So happy it's summertime! Our schedule has a bit more breathing room and we can relax. David still works all summer, but does get Fridays off so we can hang out a bit more!

Since we already did a major vacation at spring break, we've decided not to do any major trips over the summer. Maybe a few weekend ones, but nothing crazy. Knowing we'd be in town a lot more, we decided to join the country club in Harker Heights {it's a country club with no golf course, which I think is so bizarre, but nobody else seems bothered by it}.

A bunch of our friends are members there, which makes it so nice. Literally, the last week, we've spent oodles of time by the pool and swimming with our buddies. The boys are LOVING it and we feel like it's been totally worth it. There's also an entire fitness facility there which David & I are taking full advantage of {they also have a cool kids' area for the boys to use while we're working out...complete with tons of Wii games that have totally kept Benjamin in heaven}. David & I are also hoping to learn racquetball there, too. They also have karate classes for the boys on Tuesdays & Thursdays and Jonathan wants to sign up for the kids' tennis camp that we've seen going on the last week {they run all summer long so we may have to do that!}.

Summer will also be busy with next week's annual Austin trip to the "hotel with the big red H" as the boys call it. We'll be there all week for the TASSP convention for David {he's presenting at it this year, too!}. The boys and I will probably just log in more pool time as well as running around my hometown.

Benjamin is attending Horse Camp in July and will also have ongoing piano lessons all summer. We even got a new-to-us-piano that the boys are already loving...kind of ready for Benjamin to learn actual songs, though. {Although, I did manage to teach him Hot Cross Buns and the high part of Heart & Soul...they're *kind of* sticking}.

We've also done a complete overhaul of our eating around here lately. We've gone gluten-free and low-carb and are really enjoying it (kind of Paleo eating except we still use dairy). I've done so much research on it and we decided it was a good fit for us. We're loving it...just wishing the grocery bills weren't so high...ouch!

I'm starting to taper off the graphic design end of my least streamlining it more and making it easier to manage. A while back (okay, over a year ago), I created a crafty/DIY blog. It started as a fun way to meet other crafties...but has grown into something that I'm dearly loving. I recently received my first actual "paycheck" from Google and it kind of blew my mind to realize I could work on this as an actual "job".  I adore it so much that it doesn't seem like work at all. And I've met some wildly talented friends via the craft/decorating blog world. Feel free to follow along on that site (I blog there a lot more than over here...yikes):

Here's our latest creation from my site:

We're currently working to update our kitchen from its boring builder-grade look. Our next project is extending the height of the cabinets and painting them all white. I'm going to try to do 90% of it on my own...trying to let us have weekends as free time and not project time!

That's about all I know for today! Toodles.