Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Pumpkin Patch

Everyone is entitled to an off day. Our family had one on Saturday at the Pumpkin Patch in Temple. I had these great thoughts about what a fun day we could have together picking out pumpkins, taking a hayride, taking lots of fall photos, etc. etc. But with kids, things are not always as expected.
I must preface this all by saying that last year, we went out to our friend Deborah's farm and had a great time taking the best pictures ever on piles of pumpkins. I think I was trying to recreate that. Never try to duplicate.
The timing was everything here. First of all, I should have known this was not the best day because it was over 90 degrees. That scrapped my cute matching fall outfits idea for the boys. Second, we decided to wait until the afternoon because of the weather. When we made that decision, there was the inevitable "before their naps? after?"...After. Definitely after. Fresher, happier kids. Unless....they are stinkers and skip their naps. Put to bed to lay awake and....plot their plan? At 2:30, we just said, let's just go. The place closes at five, if we try to make them nap at this point....you get the picture.
So, off we go. Both kids immediately fall asleep in the car. And the older was not in agreement to being awakened twenty minutes later. At the pumpkin patch. To take dazzling photos for mom to treasure forever. Uh, yeah.
You can see from the evidence, that Benjamin would not smile for anything. He was annoyed to have to sit on pumpkins. He was more disturbed to have to touch Jonathan (sometimes, we have this little brotherly issue). And he certainly didn't want us to be taking his pic.
We took a few shots and got out of there with a wagon full of over-priced pumpkins and a disgruntled three year old.
Before we reach our car, Benjamin realizes that we are, indeed, leaving.
"Nooooooooo! I want to stay at the punkin pats!! Mommy! Nooooooo" Wail. Scream. All out tantrum.
Are you kidding me? Now? Like we are turning around for a repeat.
And let me preface all of this by saying, very rarely does Benjamin throw a tantrum. This was the first I can actually recall in public.
He wails. And cries. Meanwhile, David and I are shooting our "we have the situation under control" look to passers by who apparently think we are so mean to make our kid leave the pumpkin patch.
After getting the heck out of Dodge, we listened to this all the way home...
"Pleeeeeease. I'll smile now. Benjamin smile for pictures now. Pleeeeese. Go back to see more punkins. Don't leeeeeeave."
We do have a lovely pumpkin arrangement on our porch now. Everytime I pull out of the garage and see it, I think back to that fabulous trip.


Anonymous said...

See....you just went to the WRONG pumpkin patch!! DK

Kristi said...

I couldn't agree with you more! I got Kyra's photos from your pumpkin patch tonight and they were too cute. So jealous.
BTW, the patch we went to actually gets their pumpkins from west Texas! Do you have any buyers in Temple?
Hope we get to hang out next week!