Sunday, October 07, 2007

Mistaken Identity

This has been cracking us up for a week or so, so I had to blog about it. Benjamin's new thing is The Berenstain Bears. My mom handed down to me all of my old books about the family and he just can't get enough of them. We even have this cool thing on our cable service that lets us watch shows about The Berenstain Bears anytime, "on demand." They are very wholesome, and enjoyable for all of us (maybe not Jonathan) to watch. Every night at bedtime, Benjamin must have atleast two Berenstain Bear books read to him. He is pretty consumed with his new found friends from "the little treehouse down a sunny dirt road deep in Bear Country."
Benjamin also has a pretty active imagination for a three year old. He loves to make up scenarios. Like when I am in the kitchen, he'll come in and say "there's Mama Bear, cookin' up some supper." I really do hope that I do not resemble Mama Bear. She's a little too polka-dotted and bonneted for me.
He also loves to pretend that he is "Brother Bear." Occasionally, he'll even call Jonathan "Sister Bear" much to our chagrin. He also calls his bed the "top bunk", even though I am almost positive he has never seen actual bunk beds.
The funniest thing is David's new title, "Papa". he has completely replaced the word Daddy in his entire day to day conversation with "Papa", but he says it like "PawPaw." We have already gotten a few funny looks out and about. I mean I jokingly give David a hard time about his age (just because I am younger), but he certainly isn't old enough to be a PawPaw. Benjamin hasn't missed a beat with it either. He says it without even thinking about it. He isn't trying to be funny. He just realized that since Brother & Sister Bear call their dad "Papa," he can too.
I can't decide if this is going to stick or not. Will David now be "Papa?" It is precious and hilarious at the same time, but I think we may need to work on the phonetics.


The Carlsons said...

Haha, I read yours too! :) This is such a cute story, sounds like you have great kids. Thanks for your comment! I know that as soon as this baby comes I won't even remember what those people said about me being so big. :)

Shellie said...

Benjamin sure has a personality! We had some friends back home that dressed up as The Bernstein Bears and made visits when any of the church kids were sick. Maybe I can talk them into dropping by your house if they ever make it to Texas!!