Monday, October 22, 2007

Awesome Weekend

We had one great weekend. David and I attended a retreat for the young marrieds class at church and had a blast! We are falling more in love with this church everyday. We have been so welcomed and treated with such kindness. We feel so blessed to have taken the time to really find the right church for us. We feel strongly about that more than ever.
Friday night we all caravaned to Glen Rose, TX to the beautiful Riverbend Retreat Center. What a great place-- it would also be perfect for a family reunion.
All weekend we played lots of fun games, sang some beautiful songs, had several lessons about marriage presented by one of our elders and ate some seriously good food! We ate lunches and supper at the retreat's dining hall and our group brought breakfasts and snacks that we grazed on the entire time. This group can cook! I plan to get recipes (and share with you) for white chocolate potato chips & nuts (so good), Jan's amazing german chocolate brownie thing, the best salsa ever, and chocolate chip cookies made from pudding-- so moist and yummy. (Arly, do you have a recipe for this?)
It is so great to attend these type of events. It really connects you with the others in an awesome way. I was a little nervous about going at first, you know being the "new people" and all. It seems like there are some great dynamics and friendships already in place and you know how it is coming into a new group where you're not sure where your place will be in an already well-running situation.
But this group has welcoming down to an art. I never felt like the newbie. People constantly told us that they were so happy we were there (we were, too), and made us feel like we had been a part of them forever. We feel like we are truly forming some life long friendships.
Thank you, sweet friends, for an AWESOME weekend that we can not stop talking about. You each reached out to us and have made us truly see Jesus in you. We love you all so much and can't wait to keep getting to know you more and more.


Arly said...

I do not have a recipe for chocolate chip cookies made with pudding... Sounds yummy. I do have a 'recipe' for pumpkin milkshakes though! ;)

Rebecca said...

Hi guys! We enjoyed getting to know you more at the retreat too. We also have a blog, I will add you guys to my links so I can check your blog more often :)

Jennifer said...

Hey Dominguez Fam! We're so glad that y'all are here. I wish we could've made the retreat this year, but I was the one that made the "no-kids" policy! hehe! Well, not totally me, but anyway.... Stephen and I have our own fam blog too, but not on blogger. --Jen J.