Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Everything but the kitchen sink...

We realized this weekend that we are, indeed, the circus coming to town when we travel these days. We really have been spoiled by staying in all of these great high-end hotels when David has a conference. (KISD treats their employees so good!) However, it is increasingly embarrassing to unload our car in a valet. You know what I mean? Has anyone else been through this misery? You know how it is. When you stay in these downtown luxury hot spots you have no choice but to valet, but that also means opening up the Pandora's box, I mean back end of our car to expose the sheer magnitude of our belongings. We are, inevitably, parked beside the latest BMW with a very attractive couple who steps out looking ever-so-posh and opens their trunk to show two lovely compact Louis Vuitton rolling bags and a train case all nice and neat. Switch to our car:
You open our back end to find:
- 2 Pack and Plays (we only ended up needing one this time)
- a baby bath tub
- a Bumbo
- a Boppy
- an all-terrain stroller
- a travelling high chair thingy
- a large pack of Diapers
- a large box of wipes (plus a back up, just in case)
- 2 gallons of Nursery water for bottles (one crushed in transit, arriving half full)
- a large can of formula (plus a back up, just in case)
- a cooler full of perishables
- a basket full of assorted toys, age appropriate for two children
- a Cars backpack with who knows what in it
- a large Cars pillow
- a ripped plastic Target bag spilling out a package of juice boxes, baby food, granola bars, sippy cups, Dawn liquid soap, a bottle brush, 6 baby bottles and a pack of Pampers Bibsters & Table Toppers (hmmm, I wonder why that bag ripped?)

This list does not even include our regular luggage with clothes (atleast two changes per day per person-- spit up does not just stay on the baby, it lands on all of us!)
It took two bell boys to unload us, which of course means double the tipping. And we always feel so bad for the poor guy who got stuck with us, so we tip him a little more.
We talked about our travelling issues on the way home and did decide that it is indeed worth it. David's new job involves so much more travel. We decided we don't want our boys to ever get used to Daddy being gone all the time. We certainly won't make every trip, but when we can, we'll still load the car to the brim and tag along.

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David Dominguez said...

Wow! I know this is an old post, but it was fun to read again. Amazing how we got all that stuff to Houston and back. I'm so glad y'all came along, and I'm so glad you still do. Love you!