Wednesday, October 10, 2007

That Tagging Game

Arly left an open-ended tag on her blog. I thought I would take advantage of it since I didn't follow through the last time I was tagged by someone. Also, there is someone I want to tag!

10 years ago I: was 19 and was a sophomore at ACU. I lived in University Park apartments with Lori, Misty and Jamie. We were in the middle of pledging! We were GATA Flames! That was a super fun semester.

5 years ago I: was planning my semi-elopement. David and I had just gotten engaged and decided we didn't want a big wedding. I was also in the middle of planning homecoming activities as I was employed in the Alumni Relations Office at ACU.

3 years ago I: had a newborn! I was probably sleep deprived and groggy. But, I was falling madly in love with our little Benjamin!

1 year ago I: was preggers with Jonathan! I was also living in Muleshoe and hanging out with two crazy sillies named Koti and Deborah.

Yesterday I: ironed, wrinkle-released, hung up and tagged baby clothing until my arm fell off (I put it back on). I am in the midst of preparing for this HUGE consignment sale in Austin tomorrow.

Today I: am getting ready to go to church to help with our class's Wednesday night meal. Benjamin has been begging me to let him wear his Halloween costume to church tonight (yeah right, dude). Currently, I can hear Jonathan starting to babble as he is waking up from his nap.

5 snacks I enjoy: 1) Cars snacks (because we have a lot of them) 2) cookies 3) bananas 4) yogurt with granola mixed in (not by itself) 5) any kind of cereal, by itself or slightly milked

5 things I would do with $1 million: pay off debt, build up the kids's savings accounts, invest like crazy, buy a loaded 2008 Black Cadilac Escalade (come on, who wouldn't induldge a bit?)

5 places I would love to run away to: 1) The Lawrence Welk Resort (yea, Shultzes!) 2) New York City 3) Hawaii (never been, sounds awesome) 4) The Biggest Loser Campus (they would vote me out the first week no doubt) 5) Some dreamy spa for a week

5 TV Shows I like: The Biggest Loser, Jon & Kate Plus 8, Paula's Home Cooking, Law & Order SVU, The Today Show (I still miss Katie, though).

5 things I hate doing: picking up the dog doodie in the yard (so gross), opening our dumpster (it stinks), finding an old baby bottle under my seat in the car (just throw it away), ironing, cleaning potties

5 biggest joys of the moment: 1) David 2) Benjamin 3) Jonathan 4) our new church 5) sleeping through the night

People I Tag: Natalie, Shellie & Wendy (who may have already done this one--sorry!)

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