Thursday, October 04, 2007

My, What Big Boys You Have!

Today, we went for our "check 'em ups" as Benjamin calls them. They scheduled Jonathan's later than I liked (hello, he is not six months anymore!) and so it worked that both boys had appointments at the same time. And both had shots, too. Lots of fun for everyone.
The Stats:
Benjamin now weighs 34 pounds and is 39 inches tall. He is in the 75th percentile for weight and 100th for height. At one point in his life, he was off the charts on height!
Jonathan weighs in at 22 pounds, 1 ounce and is 29 inches long. He is in the 90th percentile for weight and 95th for length.
All went well. Benjamin barely wimpered for his shots (woohoo, that's our boy!). He was more excited about the free lollipop. He even got a little frustrated when I took off the circular band-aid tonight. "Oh no, Mommy! You put Benjamin's shot in trash! No, Mommy. Need my shot back."
Poor Jonathan. He had to get five shots! And he let everyone in that office know that this was very bad. He seems to be taking it pretty hard still. Low grade fever and what an attitude! Not the friendliest fella right now. We may be up all night with him, nothing seems to be making him smile.
Jonathan is still toothless. The doctor told us that some kids work on "teething" just one tooth out for months and months. Yuck. I feel for him. For those of you familiar with Jonathan's medical stuff, his murmur seems gone. We will still have to go to a pediatric cardiologist once a year, though. His muscle tone has also improved in his shoulders and he does not need any physical therapy at this point. The doctor was even impressed with his sitting ability. He held his own without tumbling down longer than she expected. You go, Jonathan!
We do still miss dear Dr. Farmer. As most of you know, shortly after Jonathan's birth, Dr. Farmer passed away due to a very fast bout with cancer. He was so young and very healthy. It was a huge shock and Benjamin even mentions him every so often. He was such a kind man and knew who we were and all about us everytime we walked through the door or bumped into him in Lubbock. We are still adjusting to the new doctor's office here. It is hard just being "a number." They use an intercom to page patients and have about ten workers just in the office alone. I miss you, Kim! Dr. Farmer's office staff rocks! We miss all of you.
On a much, much lighter note (actually it's probably much heavier), Taco Bueno opened in Killeen this week, not far from us at all. Even with the out-the-door, out-the-drive way lines, David has already been. Twice.

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