Tuesday, October 02, 2007

You take the cake!

I am so flattered by the emails and comment I have received since I posted the pics of Benjamin's birthday party.
Yes, I did make the cake! And no, it was not hard at all! Trust me. Last year my friend Koti was so sweet to give up a whole day to make an Elmo cake with fondant and the works and this was nothing compared to that! I was able to do it on my own without the help of Koti the Cake Queen! No special skills required.
I got the cake off of the following site if you want to make it yourself:
Family Fun Racetrack Cake
I did modify it a bit. I made one side chocolate and one side white so everyone could have their favorite. I actually made the cake twice (yes, I am weird), but I wanted to practice it first to make sure it would turn out okay (again, I have no cake skills without Koti). The first time I made it I used coconut that I dyed green with food coloring instead of the green jimmies the web site recommends. However, for the actual cake, I used green icing and borrowed my mom's grass tip for cake decorating. This did not take skill, I really just glopped it on there, I mean it's a race track, right? This turned out better, the coconut seemed to make the cake taste dry, and I figured not everyone likes coconut. Also, chocolate graham crackers do not exist anymore. So, I chopped up chocolate Teddy Grahams in my food processor (this was only slightly disturbing to mutilate these poor bears, they tasted fabulous either way).
Thanks for the compliments! They made me feel like I had half a clue what I was doing! Even though I didn't (right, Arly?).


Arly said...

You knew what you were doing... You just needed to verify. :)

Arly said...

You know, just thinking of this... it makes me laugh. Has to be the best message ever that I've received. "Arly, call me quick, I have a baking emergency!"

Kristi said...

This really was pretty funny, looking back on it! Thursday night I had to get those cakes baked so I could freeze them overnight so they were easier to ice on Friday. After mixing them up and putting the batter in the pan, I realized I had used my canola oil instead of vegetable. I'll just be the first to say, I am not that into baking, cooking, yes, bring it on! But, baking I could take or leave. Arly is the baker. So, I called her in a panic and left her the "baking emergency" message. She was so kind when she called back-- I am glad she didn't laugh.