Friday, February 27, 2009


Who isn't excited about Fridays? Although our weekend is busy, I still look forward to being at home a little and regrouping for a couple of days. And hopefully all four of us will be able to go to church this Sunday....barring anymore icky sickies.
A funny Benjamin-ism:
Last night, David had to work a little late for parent conferences. I asked him to call when he was on his way so I knew when to put supper in the oven. After getting off the phone with him, I lifted Benjamin off my lap and told him...
"Mommy needs to go put the fish in the oven so it's ready when Daddy gets home."
With eyes as big as saucers, he slowly turns to me and says (a little nervous)...
"Myyyyyyy little fish?"
Poor kid, not only has he had to cope with the recent departure of one goldfish, he was thinking mommy was about to cook up the other one!
After a little explaining, he understood. And had a good little chuckle, too.
Speaking of the "goldfish situation", to update you: Benjamin (being the smarty pants he can be) noticed Hollye's absence before we could "replace" her (could we ever really replace Hollye?). And he has been pretty okay with it. He knows that Hollye Fish got a little sick and had to go be with Jesus.
When he announced to Ms. Robin (his in-home KISD therapist) that his fish was now with Jesus, I thought she was going to fall out of her chair with his frankness about the situation. He finished up the conversation letting her know that one day he, too, would be with Jesus. I seriously teared up. What a kid!
And a little funny to leave you with:
(My dad emailed this photo from his camera of Jonathan diving into his cake on Saturday...who needs utensils?)


Syndi said...

What a smart boy he is! I'm so proud to be their aunt! Hope you have a restful weekend!

Anonymous said...

We've always said Benjamin is a smart little boy. He is amazing.

Love ya all, Mom

Rebecca said...

I love the going to be with Jesus comment. Isn't it amazing how much they pick up on? I'm looking forward to spending part of our weekend with you!!

J Stolle said...

Kristi, your family is so awesome. Just love Benjamin's Jesus story and the pic of Jonathon devouring his cake...good boy!! This new way of eating the cake he can be sure it won't fall off his fork.
Love you guys,

Amy said...

Cade and I were just did you know it was Hollye fish that died??? (We were giving mom a hard time about that):)

Amanda said...

That's TOO funny! Poor Benjamin thought he was going to have to eat his own fish for dinner. And how sweet that he said he'd be with Jesus someday, too. Bethany says she doesn't want to go to Heaven because our house is more fun.

The Young Life said...

awww Kristi you are sooo sweet! I can tell I already LOVE your friend Amanda...her girls bows are toooo cute!! I have had to move up to an under the bed storage tote for storing my bows in cause the 6 bow holders were taking up too much of the wall space!!!
hope all is well, miss yall much!