Friday, January 30, 2009

Hooray for PJ Day....and other events

Yesterday was pajama day at school! The boys were so excited to wear their PJs to was pretty funny how much this amused them. And yes...we found Cars slippers at the last minute for a GREAT deal! I had searched Target, Walmart, Payless and Kohls but finally gave up thinking they must have just been around for the holidays. Low and behold, we ran to JCPenney's Monday to look for sheets for Benjamin's "new" (still unfinished) room....and they had them! On clearance for $4 down from $16! They're pretty cute, too. One shoe is Mater and the other is McQueen. And when they are not being worn, Mater's tow cable hooks to McQueen's bumper to keep them together in the closet.

This is Benjamin's class that came over to my classroom to watch a movie. In addition to wearing PJs, the kiddos were able to enjoy a flick & munchies as well. A fun day for me, too-- no lesson plans! : )

We have this new routine on most Thursday nights (except last night which was meeting-crazy for David), of letting Benjamin go to David's school to join him while he is on duty for the basketball game(s). Preschool is a straight shot up Hwy. 439 to David's school, so we just head that way and drop him off for a little fun with Daddy. Jonathan isn't always thrilled with this set up, but he is too little for the games as we have previously found out. So he and I head home to hang out.

Speaking of J-man...I think I need some advice from the moms out there. We seem to be having a little problem of nudity on our hands. Every time I turn around, Jonathan is clothing-free from the waist down. And he is so fast, too. He can take off his pants and diaper in no time. I thought it might have been just his elastic-waisted pants, so I started putting him in jeans all the time, but he has learned to maneuver these as well. I am having a difficult time actually getting anything done at home since I have to be on clothing alert every second of the day. The major problem is probably obvious...he has accidents the second that diaper is gone. And our steam cleaner is getting a major workout-- I am so tired of lugging that thing out everytime this happens (daily). Has anyone else encountered this? At preschool, he takes his shirt off. If Ray Stevens's song, The Streak, comes to mind, you're not alone. Any advice would be very appreciated.
We are hoping to finally finish Benjamin's room this weekend. This is becoming a nightmare that I wish I hadn't started. I had no idea this paper treatment would take as long as it has. I should have just bought a couple of gallons of paint and been done with it. It would have been much cheaper, too. We're on our eighth roll of paper, third bucket of wallpaper paste and don't even get me started on the cost of glossy polyurethene. Plus all the "fun stuff". Say a prayer that we really finish this weekend. We are in Houston next weekend and the following weekend would make it a month since we started this decorating-circus-act. What was I thinking?


Carla said...

If he is 'going' right after he strips, do you think maybe he feels the need to go, and might be ready for some super fun potty training time???

What cute kiddos, and that PJ Day is smart stuff:)

Arly said...

I don't know how to help you. However I do have to say that I was a streaker at that age too. :) Wanted to know that about your sister in law, didn't ya? :)

Good luck!

Melissa said...

Is it too hard to find onesies in Jonathan's size? Or maybe they're called bodysuits in toddler sizes? I don't have your exact problem, but Ty does like to undress during his nap. The result is not pretty, and that's all I'm going to say about that. But a onesie + overalls = clothing stuck on my son!

I am sure glad you finally found slippers for Benjamin. I know he loves them!

Rebecca said...

I'm so sad that I missed pj day at school! Kylee and I had our own pj day while she had the yucky stomach bug.

Don't worry, the room will be totally worth it when it is done :) I can't wait to see it!

Amanda said...

Bethany is a nudist, too! Can't help you too much b/c she always left her diaper on - just stripped her clothes. Now she spends the majority of the day in panties. :)

PJ day looked fun! LOVE the Cars slippers!!!

Lori said...

I love when we have PJ day at school! As far as Jonathon and his streaking...I never had that problem with Jackson. But, I did have a couple relatives(won't mention any names) who would strip down to undies when they were little :)...and they did grow out of it