Monday, January 19, 2009

The Top Ten Things Happening in our Household

10. We finally made time to post on the blog. (This was a close tie with number 1).
9. Benjamin is doing GREAT with his penmanship....errr, crayonship skills. Although, we may be using B-E-N for identification purposes on papers.

8. Jonathan will be two in a month...I see another Elmo party in our future. Funny, he has never sat through an entire episode of Sesame Street, but loves that furry little red monster.
7. Because we don't have enough on our plates...we thought we would throw in a little redecorating project to really keep us focused. I am papering Benjamin's walls in brown craft paper and will seal it with a shiny coat of poly. I expect to be done in June of 2012. (The photo is a lot darker than the actual walls...and this is the only section that is papered. I had to crop out the Builders' Beige to make it seem like I have made progress. And to make me feel a little better about my time management in that room).

6. David is hanging out with his good buddy, Todd, for the evening and reliving some Muleshoe fun. In Austin.
5. We had a super fun time here at El Rancho Dominguez last night with our LIFEGroup. Banana Splits were had by all. Except me and Jennifer. We're counting points.
4. We've been caffeine-free for a whole week. And head-ache free for two days now.
3. We are in a desperate search for Lightning McQueen slippers for pajama day next week. What will we do without them? Any suggestions are more than welcome.
2. We are up to our eye balls in blog designs...and loving every minute of it. My wait list is growing and so is my heart! I am so thankful to have a "job" I love so much.
1. The boys will be hitting preschool solo (duo?) next year without mom. She is staying home to design blogs, cards and anything else she can get her hands on.

Have a great week!!


Arly said...

Wow you're busy! I just saw lightening mcqeen slippers... I think it was at walmart... In a display in the isle.

Yay for blog design!!

Becky said...

Hi Rancho!
Here's my top 5 comments for your top 10 post!!!

1. Can't wait to see Benjamin's room, I know it will look super cool
2. There is NO WAY Jonathan is turning 2 in a month
3. As a former teacher, I am so impressed with Benjamin's penmanship! Way to go buddy!!
4. Hope David had fun terrorizing the city of Austin with old friends
5. Hip, Hip HOORAY!!! So happy that Mamma Rancho will be able to stay at home next year and make her dreams a reality! You're the best...


Amanda said...

Yay! I'm so glad to see a new post from you!!! Too bad about the banana splits. I'd have just taken out the bananas and said that lowered the points. :)

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad that you will be able to stay home next year and the boys can still enjoy preschool. We will miss you though, you are a great teacher. I can't wait to see Benjamin's room either.