Monday, January 12, 2009


In the last week we have:
- celebrated Christmas at my parents' with the Pawliks.
- celebrated 31 years of me.
- celebrated making it through the first week back to "normal" (sort of).

We had a great time in Marble Falls last Sunday afternoon hanging out with my family. We ate a lot. We opened a lot of gifties. And, in true Pawlik form, we reminisced about the holidays of yesteryear. In case you don't know...I am the youngest of four. And when I say youngest, I mean there is 16 years between me and the youngest of my brothers, Mike. And when we are all together, they enjoy telling stories of get-togethers that took place before my time. And I really do enjoy hearing about those fun times: Christmases at Uncle Butch's or Aunt Margaret's where there were 25+ in attendance. Christmases at Aunt Helen's (some of those I remember). And just funny stories of different years that would embarrass some if I put them on here...hehe.
And this year was just as fun. My mom is "getting there" in terms of healing up from her fall. She still uses her walker, but she did great that day and it was so fun to see her finally enjoying herself after all that happened to her in the last month. Here's a few photos from our day:

Amber, Connelly and Amanda
I also have to mention the foreign object in the background, as in current technology in my parents' home. (Actually, they are pretty computer savvy, I shouldn't poke too much fun). However, after 28 years, my parents finally bought a new television. We are all so proud. They thought they would join the rest of the world with the new digital switch coming up. They even bought a new Blu-Ray player. Now I feel behind. Way to go, Mom & Dad!

Keaton & Audrey

Cherie & Kayla

My mom and Benjamin (mid "Cheeeeese")


Austin had "loads" of fun with his new dump truck.

It was definitely the year of Tonka with all the little boys.

Amid a gift-opening frenzy, he clenches those cookies.

Amanda and her Longhorn loot for Grandpa...Amber also gave my dad a Longhorn shirt. He's all set. I believe I saw him open a new jacket, too. He'll be sporting all kinds of new duds in 2009.

Jonathan was super helpful with the checkers game. I think that game is also as old as the TV I mentioned. It cracks me up that all the neices and nephews still drag it out everytime they are at my parents'.

A good time was had by all!

I also had a great birthday..thank you all for your well wishes, cards, calls and emails! I ended up getting the day off of work. Jonathan had thrown up the night before and ran fever (happy birthday, mom-- your favorite!). But, it was kind of fun just hanging out at the house with him all day. Benjamin went on to preschool and had a great time without us. We had yummy Outback Steakhouse for supper and cake and presents. As you can tell from the pic, Jonathan really loved the cake. It was a short-lived tummy bug, obviously. My boys (all three) really took care of me and made my day super special! The big 3-1. Now I am in my thirties...not just thirty. Sigh. (It's really not so bad).
Have a great week!


J Stolle said...

Thanks for sharing your family pictures with all of us. It sure helps those of us that don't get to see you guys. Glad your mom is on the mend. I email with her mostly every week and really enjoy keeping up with you through her.
Love, Cuz Janice

David Dominguez said...

I would never guess you were in your 30s.

Love you,


Rebecca said...

I'm glad that you had so much fun with your family. Your mom looks great! Happy late birthday.