Friday, August 28, 2009

We're on the GREEN TEAM

When David received his promotion last year, Benjamin kept going around saying "now, we're on the green team." We're not exactly sure where he heard that, but it was pretty cute.
And tonight....we were on the green team. I am sure this is the first of a long tradition...Friday night rooting for the Eagles. We played our rivals, Killeen High. And won in overtime! Can it get any better? (We are a little sad for our Roo friends, the Trckas, though.)

The boys and I made it through the first half, but had to head out after the halftime was already past nine! But we had a great time while we were there. In fact, Daddy is still there...celebrating with his Eagles!

Go Eagles!

Jonathan and his "seat" in my lap...
bleachers and toddlers make me a nervous wreck!

More like a Nice Green Machine....but you have to have your game face on.

We ended up getting the BEST SEATS....amongst the band! It was a packed house and the band was so kind to let me and the boys bunk with them while Daddy was on duty. They were so hospitable...even keeping the boys well-hydrated with their big water jugs. We think we have found a spot to spend all of our games! And, the boys were mEsMeRiZeD by the music! It was awesome! Below is a small video of Benjamin jamming out with the Screaming Eagle Band!



Anonymous said...

Way to go Eagles!!! Benjamin looks like a future drummer. Looking good boys with your face painting.
Love ya, Grandma

Wendy said...

Do your boys watch Playhouse Disney in the mornings? Sometimes when they do a little bit on recycling or something environmental, the monkeys Ooh and Aah say "We're the green team!". That's what it reminded me of when I read that, so maybe that's where he got it! Sounds like fun Friday night entertainment for you guys!

Shannon said...

What a fun Friday night tradition! We can be "ball" moms together:)

That video totally took me back to high school pep rallies with the drums! So fun for the boys!

Melissa said...

I hate sitting on the visitor's side of Leo Buckley. Bleachers make me very nervous, too. When we sit on the home side, we sit in the yellow chairs, so they are blocked from falling. The yellow chairs are a godsend, especially to a "single mom" with Dad working on game night!

Oh, and we'll get ya next year!

David Dominguez said...

What a great game! Glad we got our season started with a win.