Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy Day to Sweet David!

The big THREE-SIX is here. We have had one crazy weekend/Monday to celebrate well as stay out of his way as he prepared for a BIG day at work today: the day the teachers came back! Of course, we have had some fun birthdays for David since he has become a principal since his birthday is always in the midst of school-beginning madness. And this year was no different....but also turned into an AWESOME welcome to the EHS family with their birthday fun for him.

Saturday included a football scrimmage (for all three Dominguez boys), EHS freshman camp (for David), a birthday party for some sweet twins at church (for me & the little boys) and the EHS Back-to-School Splash for the faculty, staff and their families (and us!).

Jonathan and Benjamin hanging out cheering on the Eagles.

Scrimmages are funny.
It's tough to decide who to cheer for: the Eagles....or the Eagles?

We took our super fun babysitter, Tawny, along with us to the EHS Back-to-School Splash at the new Killeen Waterpark. We needed an extra set of hands since David would be meeting faculty and families that night. Benjamin loved having Tawny along....he kept telling us he was going to "teach her how to swim".

We loved the new Killeen waterpark....
too bad it didn't open until the end of summer. 

Sunday we baked Daddy's cupcakes. 
Jonathan wanted to draw on the wrappers. 
Um, wouldn't that be toxic? 
Soooo didn't happen, contrary to what the above photo depicts.

This morning, we were invited to head up to the school for some surprise birthday fun that David's team planned for him. Let's just say....what a WELCOME! During David's morning presentation, the cheerleaders poured into the auditorium to present a HAPPY BIRTHDAY cheer to David...they were awesome! But my camera skills were not. This is all I got from their performance. The video I took of the choir really reflects the fact that I should never be allowed behind the camera. Seriously, nothing is visible and I only recorded a whopping FOUR seconds of their beautiful song. I am just going to blame the camera....although I am sure it was the operator.

Here's the proof that I should never be allowed to shoot video. Ever.  

David and the boys in his office...
which his AWESOME team decorated up for him!

Benjamin wanted to eat the eagle.

Our family celebration at home. 
Mmmm....we grilled ribeyes, had garlic mashed potatoes and green beans. 
And more (cup)cake(s). 
We're on a sugar high, people.

And just for was our home celebration two years ago. 
I cannot believe how little the boys look!

Happy Birthday, David. Love you.


Beth said...

Happy Birthday, David!! It sounds like you were good and spoiled by all, which you totally deserve!! Max and I can't wait to see you guys soon!

Melissa said...

I was thinking about y'all yesterday--I'm glad it went well! So does Eagle green icing stain your mouth as badly as maroon? (my one complaint about school-colored cakes)

Amy said...

Happy Birthday David!

Shannon said...

Looks like fun birthday celebrations! We met one of the Ellison counselors last weekend, Michael Ann (totally guessing on the spelling). She said everyone loves David!!

And, random side note. Mallory has been talking about baby brothers recently (no, no news to report!). When I asked her what his name should be, she said "Benjamin!" I asked where she heard the name, and she said, "a boy in my class". So sweet. It's actually one of our top boy names...if that ever happens:)

Becky said...

Looks like 3-6 was good to you this year David! Happiest Birthday Wishes from all of us at Casita de Alaniz :)