Saturday, November 21, 2009

Preschool Fall Program

The boys' had a big day at preschool on Thursday. Although, I didn't make it to school during the day to make it to their "Sharing Feasts" (I was recovering from that stupid bug), I have had many reports that great fun was had by all. Each child in their classes brought something special to share with everyone for lunch. Benjamin was particularly excited that someone in his class brought cheese! Hey, whatever it takes, right? They both came home with lots of cute turkey crafts and fun memories of their day.

I did feel much better by the evening and we all pulled it together to make it to their Fall Program. Jonathan was a bit of a ham on the stage:

Here he is waving at Benjamin's class in the audience.

Here's where he realized I was sitting on the floor taking pictures. 
I was just glad he didn't run down the stairs to me!

He did decide to perform with his class a bit, too.

Singing The Cow Song

Benjamin was kind of buried in the four-year-old classes on stage so I didn't get the best photos of him....
you can see his head poking out in the middle.

He's still in there!

Yay for Bennagins!

And, I guess I am not the only bad videographer in the family (as I certainly learned from the EHS Choir incident). Although he did have a bad lighting situation on his hands, David is right up their with me on video skills. Jonathan's taping was *somewhat* watchable. Benjamin's however didn't turn out at all. : (
I guess we'll be purchasing the one the school made!

I know not everyone will want to watch the entire thing, but if you have a few minutes, here is Jonathan with the two year olds:


Anonymous said...

The boys were good. We saw Benjamin good-yeh Bennamin. Jonathan did good. A one man act at the beginning. They are to cute but we know that.

Hugs, Grandna Pawlik

debbie said...

I must tell you....Jenae brought the cheese!! Ha! Those two kiddos! What are we going to do?!
Enjoy your week! Let's try to get together when you get back!

Jennifer said...

Abriella looked like she had lost her best friend pretty much through the entire thing. I guess she had a bit of stage fright! They were all extremely cute for sure1

Becky said...

GOOD JOB BOYS!!! How fun was that??! I loved seeing Cade in the Christmas program when he went to CTCS, something about a little boy in that burlap vest with rope belt that just melted my heart!

I got your message today Kristi! I am doing pretty good, we are in Dallas for the week of Thanksgiving, but will be back on Sunday afternoon. Let's get together next week! Call me Sunday night, if you have a day in mind. HUGS!!!