Monday, December 21, 2009

Benjamin's Photography Debut

Yesterday, I finally was able to get out and about. We drove to Marble Falls for the afternoon for Christmas with my family. Today, I am really sore from riding in the car (it's only an hour, what gives?), but it was well worth it to see my family and have a festive time. Although I will be laying around a lot the rest of the week.
I brought my camera and took lots of fun photos....but that would be too boring to just post those, right? My parents gave Benjamin a really cool gift....his own digital camera. It was the PERFECT thing for him. He literally chronicled the entire day from the moment he opened it (so technically, he missed the meal....but it's not like you want to see photos of all of us eating and such).
So this morning we uploaded Benjamin's photos onto my computer and we decided his photos would be the blog photos this time.
This is the camera he got:

I HIGHLY recommend this camera to all of you with kids who always want to play with your camera. They make a pink one for girls, too. It has already taken a lickin', too by rebounding off the sidewalk last night. Still works great!

Right out of the box, he took a few photos of Grandpa.

And then onto Daddy.

Uncle Bud

Cousin Amanda

Cousin Amber and Isaac

Cousin Andrea


A very excited Jonathan.


No Hummel nativity is complete without a can of Dr. Pepper.

Present opening hoopla

Cousin Austin

The cheerful version of Jonathan

Grandpa in the kitchen

Grandma's Pantry....sure are a lot of Cars fruit snacks

Amanda and Isaac

We ended the day with a round of Happy Feet

Amber, Isaac and Amanda driving off into the sunset.

Grandpa's tree

Uncle Dale

What would a photostory by Benjamin be without photos of the vacuums?

And the shop vac...

All in all, Benjamin had over 200 photos on his camera from yesterday. I thought it would be fun to let him show them off. Onto a little R&R.


Anonymous said...

Good going Benjamin.You did great. Enjoy your camera.We love you. Grandma and Grandma

David Dominguez said...

Next stop, National Geographic!

Beth said...

Way to go, Benjamin!! I especially love the pictures of Jonathan looking thrilled and the vacuums. And Kristi, you look amazing!! You have either been kicking butt while I've been gone, or your gall bladder weighed a ton!

J Stolle said...

Benjamin did an awesome job taking those pictures, got that talent from somebody...

Now I know what to get my four year old grandson, the camera will be perfect.

Glad you were able to make the trip, I know your mom and dad are very wonderful people and always a big help. Love you cuz, Janice