Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Annika's big ONE

A few weeks ago, my nephew, Aaron and his family from Florida came to visit all of their Texas family. We were excited to not only get to meet his youngest daughter, Annika, but also celebrate her first birthday with her.
If you're keeping track, Annika, along with her sister, Allysa and brother, Trevor, are my great nieces and nephew. Feeling way too old. Whenever I think of "great" aunts, I think of my Aunt Helen...she's in her nineties. To clarify, I am not in my nineties.
Annika's Grandma Debbie threw her a birthday bash at a local Austin restaurant and we drove down for the afternoon.
It was great to see Aaron, Rachelle and their kiddos. You guys have a beautiful family. Wished the miles apart were fewer so our children could hang out more! Thank you for inviting us to be a part of Miss Annika's special day! What a cutie-patootie.

Annika diving into her cake.

Being the center of attention can be exhausting, huh?

Allysa and her cuppie-cake

Grandma & Jonathan

Opening presents


Aaron, Rachelle, Trevor, Alyssa and Annika


Anonymous said...

That looks real good. Thanks Kristi, you always take good pic.
Love, Mom

Arly said...

If it makes you feel any better, I've been a great aunt for about 9 years now. Maybe 10. I was a regular aunt before I was born too!

So not all of them are in their 90's!

J Stolle said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures of my cousins. What a beautiful family.