Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart Day

Our Valentine's week came to an abrupt stop today when we brought two feverish boys home from church. They are actually acting okay, just can't shake those fevers.

We did have a fun few days filled with HEART-SEY activities and sweet Valentine memories. I was excited to join Benjamin's party at school on Thursday. I plan on going to Jonathan's Easter party. That's also my shameless plea for you to not judge me...there are way more B than J photos on this post since I was at his party. Not playing favorites...just logistics here. ; )

Jonathan showing his Valentine treats in his classroom Thursday morning.

Benjamin putting his Valentines in his classmates' boxes.

Opening up our box of love.

Jenae and her sister Avery are in our Life Group. Jenae & Benjamin have an adorable friendship. I love that they are also in the same class at preschool.

Love him.

Benjamin's Party Table...he was the first to gobble up his treats!

Our traditional Valentine breakfast was in full swing today.

Heart-shaped pancakes, blueberries, "veggie" sausage and pink milk...just like last year! ; )
I really want to create fun and memorable traditions that our kiddos can carry on in their families's the little things that mean the most sometimes! ; )

This year instead of making my homemade pancakes, I used my new favorite Weight Watcher thing....Fiber One Pancake Mix. Only one point per generous pancake! We love it!

Ready for a LOVE-ly day! ; )



Jordan said...

I was with you all the way until you said "veggie" sausage. Really? Gross.

Then you redeemed yourself with the Fiber One pancakes. I love it because I can now justify pancakes on a school morning! With real sausage, that is.

Aren't you celebrating a birthday at your house soon?

Becky said...

love the pic of bennigans using the crazy straw as creative and fun...looks like a fun filled valentines day at the dominguez ranch! thanks for sharing the valentine breakfast ideas, really cute kristi :)

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Alisha Stewart said...

You're such a fun mom!