Wednesday, March 09, 2011

21 Of My Favorite Things About Canton


SIX new cabinet pulls for my favorite piece of furniture.


FIVE chocolate-covered cake balls....mmmm! They included red velvet, chocolate & white cake. To be clear...I did only have four of them. I was trying to be *somewhat* good. Not that good. Just somewhat.


FOUR flowery things...2 on a headband, 1 on a pin and my favorite on this hair clip. I MUST learn how to make these. Loving 'em.


THREE new canister toppers. Goodbye, apples....hello, fleur-di-lis! I am sensing a theme, here with the fleur-di-lis. One more item makes a decorating scheme.


TWO of my favorite things ever....the bff, LORI along with my new crown. Lori helped me see its true beauty by telling me that "when you're having a bad day, just put it on." Amen, girlfriend.

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ONE full heart after a great visit with Lori and a fabulous trip to the happiest place in Texas. My very first trip to Canton (in like 1997?) was with Lori and both the friendship & shopping have just gotten better with age. Love you, bestie.


Jordan said...

I'm so jealous! Canton always has great finds. I'm going to try to make it there sometime this Spring or early Summer. Maybe I'll find my own crown...

Maria said...

Such cute things! Especially that hair clip....I want one! Glad you girlies had a fun time...
Hoping to go soon myself...haven't been since September!

Nyla said...

Looks like you scored some great finds and had a wonderful time! So glad you got to go, what fun!!!

Hugs, Grandma Pecos