Friday, June 17, 2011

Summertime and the Living is Easy....

....well, maybe if you're 4 or 6. Or Sam Cooke. I'm starting to think we may have *slightly* overbooked June. And part of July. But, it's all fun. And the memories the boys will have from these fun times are what it's all about. But, whew... I'm getting a bit worn out. After spending five days in Austin for David's Texas Association of Secondary School Principals conference, we have headed to the second part of that conference at the Horseshoe Bay Resort out in the Hill Country. When we get back in town at the beginning of next week, we're headed straight into VBS at church followed by our beach trip the week after that. My mom offered to do our laundry today (Horseshoe Bay is literally 10 minutes from their front door), but I declined that not wanting to put her out. She may have had a good point.

This part of our trip is an adult-only retreat....we're having a big dinner & schmoozing event out at the Yacht Club tomorrow night (this way intimidates me, still stressing over what to wear to that), David's invited to the golf tournament at some point over the weekend (if you know him, you know that's not really his thing) and the rest of the weekend is packed with meetings and such. This retreat is actually for those on the committees that do a lot of the planning & extra work and such for TASSP. David was named the head of the "Urban Schools Committee" for this next school year, which is why we were extended a very gracious invitation to this part of the conference. We're feeling very humbled and honored to be here.

My kids were delighted to see my parents this afternoon when we dropped them off. It's been a long time since they've stayed with them since my dad's surgery and all. They barely told us bye. They were ready for their own G'ma/G'pa Retreat of sorts.

David rushed off to his first meeting at four. I had BIG plans to head to one of the pools. When I looked at the pool and saw how overly-crowded it was, I've revised those plans to include a chair, ottoman and the non-wireless (grrr) connection to catch up on blogs (mine & yours).  I do have a pretty incredible view behind me....there's a bunch of palm trees, bougainvilleas, and a huge shuffleboard court right out the window. It's like Hawaii in the Hill Country. Kinda okay with the crowded pool with my nice set up in the room. And the fact that it's silent and I'm alone is very enjoyable for this mama.

Took this in the photobooth program....excuse the overly grainy-ness of it all.
Trying to decide what David would think if I bust open that $6 bottle of Fiji water....hmmm.

The past week has really been enjoyable. I've had a great time with the boys and we enjoyed the evenings when David was able to join us for some fun times, too.

We did a whole lot of swimming. I really saw Benjamin turn a corner this week in his swimming. He would swim in the deep end by himself, jump in without someone catching him and basically navigate the pool effortlessly. I think his swim instructor will be blown away in July when lessons start (yes, we've requested that same guy....again!)

Jonathan was Mr. surprises there. Thankful he's still in floaties...not sure he's aware of his skill-level yet. He just wants to keep up with big brother.
Is it just me or does the guy directly to the right of J look super annoyed that I'm taking this photo?

A little walking (or running) on water....

Indeed....the living is easy.

Oh, to be six again. Not a care in the world.

We ate at some great spots in Austin. I feel like every time we're there I drag everyone to one of my old haunts, Kerbey Lane Cafe. I grew up on their fare. It's sooooo good. They're open 24/7 and serve bfast around the clock. LOVE it. And so did the boys!

We also tried a chicken & waffles place I had purchased a Groupon for (is anyone else as into Groupons as we are?...We probably buy a few too many!) This place was pretty tasty, too! Benjamin just likes any kind of "bone chicken" as he calls it.

Here's to a fun-filled, meeting-packed and relaxing time in Horseshoe Bay!!

 Just received a note under the door that the other two pools on the grounds are open for the weekend as well. Three pools?
Where's that pool bag? I'm outta here.


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Nyla said...

Look like the boys are having a blast. Maybe you can relax a little at this conference and be ready for VBS when you get home. Such cute pics. So glad you're all having some fun!!! Hugs to all!