Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Summer Swim 2011

Summer Swim is in full effect for the Dominguez boys. And it's been GREAT already. Benjamin has just turned a major corner with his fears this year and is already jumping off the platforms and working on fine techniques...rather than just praying to get to the end of of swim lessons as we have in past years. SO proud of him. We were sad that our usual instructor, Jordan, did not come back to teach this year.

According to Benjamin, "These college guys are busy, mom. I understand." Whew. Dodged a major bullet there. His new instructor is Katie and they are getting along great. It helps that she is adorable...his word, not mine. {Blush}. Funny, he finds her adorable, yet can't remember her name from lesson to lesson. 

Working on launching into the backstroke from the wall.

Jonathan loves the kickboard. He calls it his surf board. Surf board, kick board....it's all the same, right?

Jumping off the platform!! YAY!

Benjamin's version of the cannonball....and he yelled "Cannonballlllllllll" every. single. time.

Chris (J's same instructor from last year) helping him tackle the platform.

The landing.

I'm sure I'll have a few more photos after these two weeks are over!


Grandma Pawlik said...

Boy, B did a turnaround this summer. Can't wait to see the boys at swimming lessons tomorrow afternoon. Great job boys.
Love ya guys.

David Dominguez said...

Great pictures! Way to go, B & J!

Nyla said...

So glad the boys are enjoying their lessons and doing so well! Wow, jumping off the platform, pretty neat!
Hugs to all, Grandma Pecos

Arly said...

I love those pictures!!