Saturday, September 17, 2011


It's official...only one more year with a preschooler in the house!
Jonathan started school the very last week of August. He's continuing at St. Chris T-W-Th like last year. He's really enjoying being in the "big kid class". The Pre-K class operates a bit differently than the others at his school: he calls his teachers by "Mrs." and their last name instead of their first as in the younger classes; they also don't hold hands in the Pre-K classes...they walk in a line with a pretend bubble in their mouth; and the biggie (or Jonathan's favorite), the restroom facilities are down the hall instead of in the classroom. Apparently this is "way awesome".

We do have to take the obligatory pic on the pretty grounds at school on the first day.

His teachers, Mrs. Carthey and Mrs. Bickford. 
So far he's gotten a good behavior award every day except one. That day he spent nap time whispering to the gal on the nap mat next to his. He didn't understand how he could have gotten into trouble for whispering? As he tells it, "nobody can hear me whisper!" 
Came through loud & clear to me! ; ) 

He is super excited that the best gal friend, Katie, is in his class!

His Bento for this first day of school. Which was completely gone when he got in the car! Success!

Just one more year. I keep begging the preschool director to start a kindergarten class. If only....


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh! He's growing up sooo fast! He doesn't look like a baby anymore...:( It's so bitter sweet...I remember how I felt when Joe and Ray were this age and now they're so big now...makes me a little sad.

I love the Bento lunch! So cute!

Nyla said...

Such a big boy! Adorable pics, I'm sure he'll have a great year! (And great looking lunch!)

Hugs to all, Grandma Pecos