Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Weekly Update

This week has gotten off to a great start-- make that a start. David threw out his back last week and is still recuperating. He is going to physical therapy this week and technically should not be going to work, but we all know there is only a week and a half of school left!

Benjamin was extremely excited about his Monday morning trip to the zoo with his pal, Sully. Imagine our surprise when Koti and I pull up to the zoo and realize that it is closed on Mondays. After a half an hour car trip over there with two toddlers, all we could do is laugh at ourselves. We ended up at the park-- for about ten minutes. It was so chilly, we just sort of gave up. We took ourselves to Wal-mart and then ate our picnic lunch over at the nearby "Java Loft." For some reason it never occurred to either of us to find out ahead of time if they were open!

Benjamin's noggin is healing up well. Most of you know that he took a tumble last week and ended up in the ER getting the liquid stitches. It certainly hasn't slowed him down a bit, though.

Currently, we are all ready for the summer. I am one of the co-coordinators of our church's VBS this year and that has been keeping us hopping! We have also been working on the yard a lot. We have added a vegetable garden this year and can't wait to enjoy the rewards! Benjamin just loves being outside, so any time we can, we're heading out back to work (or play).

That's all for now.


Annie said...

Hey there, I just happend to be up checking my ebay when I got your link! This is neet! Talk to you soon.

Suzanne Dennis said...

Hey there Dominguez family!
So good to be able to hear from you. We still miss you here at Baker Heights but are so glad you're so involved there. Our VBS is a one day event on June 3rd if you happen to want to make a trip to Abilene to visit :)
Don't know if you've heard that Tracey Coston had her baby earlier this month but is not doing so good herself. The baby, Miles, is doing fine but Tracey had to go back into the hospital. Call me if you want more details. The main thing is please keep her and Casey in your prayers.

Arly said...

So Kristi, is Benjamin going to take after his Uncle Sam and end up with scar upon scar on his forehead? :) Sam is feeling rather proud.
Love you guys!