Thursday, July 06, 2006

Benjamin's Big Day

Our good friend Hollye had mentioned to Benjamin a couple of times that it would be fun to have him come out and stay with her and Gary for a day this summer while she is off of school.
Well, last Thursday I took her up on it to get some things done around the house-- it always poses a certain number of challenges to have one's own agenda while there is a toddler running around!
Gary and Hollye, along with their son Cade, live outside of Muleshoe on their farm. Of course, one of Benjamin's first words was "tractor" so we all knew he would have a blast spending an entire day out there. Since Gary and Hollye have become our resident babysitters, Benjamin just loves going over to their house. We really consider them his "local grandparents" since our parents both live at a distance, they are so sweet to him and he just adores them.
Benjamin's day was filled with fun. From riding on the tractor with Cade, to visiting all of the animals, he had such a good time. And of course, decided to fore-go his nap! What a stinker!
I thought I would post the photos from Benjamin's debut on a John Deere (at least one that isn't "his size.")
We are so blessed to have such wonderful friends out here that treat us like family!


Arly said...

He is just the cutest little boy.

Oh, Kristy, did we leave Sam's big football up there when left?

Faith said...

I enjoy your blog so much Kristi. Benjamin looks like he really enjoyed his time out on the farm. Hope you are all doing well! Tell David we said hello.