Saturday, July 18, 2009

Summer sure is flying by. Since Benjamin had swimming lessons already, we decided to all throw on our suits and head to the mini-waterpark in Temple after our time at UMHB. 
The Temple Lions Junction was the perfect size for our little guys. They loved the kids' play area with the huge bucket of water that spilled every few minutes. That area was my favorite, too...I could just hang out on the beach-entry area and keep an eye on everyone! Benjamin also loved the Lazy River and had fun tubin' around it with mom. 
Our day was cut a bit short when the pool was evacuated...some kid had some "issues" in the actual pool. To prevent the spread of germs, they shut the place down. So, not too many pics were taken.
It was still a fun day.
We are actually awaiting the grand opening of the Killeen mini-waterpark....debuting next Saturday. It was supposed to have opened the weekend of the 4th, so we are getting a little antsy. It is just right around the corner from our neighborhood-- so exciting! 

One bummer-- the park didn't allow outside food to be brought in. 
So, this was the extent of our our car. 

About the only photo I got of the boys.

The kiddie area-- after it had been cleared out. 
Benjamin was so bummed we had to leave early!

The twisty slides Benjamin desperately wanted to ride-- alone! 
Grow a few more inches, kid, and they'll let ya!


Syndi said...

It looks like Jonathan has been stealing Benjamin's food! B looks all stretched out and J is letting it all hang out! So cute!

Arly said...

I adore little boy bellies. So cute. And that water park looks fantastic! We'll have to bring Nathan down sometime when your water park opens. He loooooovvvveeesss the water. How many times can I say water in this paragraph?

Beth said...

Bummer about the park closing early, but it sounds like you guys still managed to squeeze in some fun. I just posted some pictures of your boys on my blog...hope that's okay. Check out the post!

Shannon said...

We went there during the twilight hours a couple of weeks ago. It's perfect for the under 5 crowd! Aren't you glad it wasn't your kid that had the "issues"??? Gross!