Friday, March 12, 2010

More Retreat Photos...

BCoC Women's Retreat 2010
The Inn on Baron's Creek
Fredericksburg, Texas

Some friends posted their photos on Facebook from the retreat, so I snatched them to post on here for my own sweet memories of the weekend (seeing as how I only took two photos...see previous post).
These are photos of several people I spent quite a bit of time with during our weekend. They each have come to mean so much to me and we are already getting together for lunches and such to study, pray and lift one another up.

Ann & Gina
Ann was in my small group.
Gina and I ended up having a great time together Saturday night.
Love 'em.

Kim Hines
A gal who is praying for me and my life-long struggles with worry/anxiety. Love having her as a prayer warrior. So weird...we taught the middle school class a year ago with her and her husband, but I didn't truly get to know her until the retreat. We were in small group together and really clicked!

Me, Gina & Jane Anne
Gina and I already had lunch last week and I am hanging out with Jane Anne this week. Both of these women are precious! Jane Anne was also in my small group and we have A LOT in common (wink, wink).

Dinner for the King's Daughters (US!!)
Loved the effort that the organizers put into this. Literally, our meeting room was transformed in less than an hour to this beautiful setting. We all walked in and were amazed!

This was our speaker for the event, Anita Marshall.
Neat, neat lady that He definitely spoke through to us!


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David Dominguez said...

I'm so glad you went to the retreat!

Jennifer said...

(love the spam that you are receiving lately!)
so glad for the wonderful ladies retreat! so thankful for our husbands keeping the kids to make that happen!

Pecos Dad said...

How come the girls get to have all the fun!! Glad you had a good time at the retreat. No question that us guys could learn a thing or two from what the ladies routinely do!