Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our First Big Break

( Note: I know most of you already know all about this...I typed out the whole shebang for a little keepsake for this mama to look back on years to come.)

With two little boys, I am sure we have several years ahead of us filled with stitches, bruises and of course, broken bones.
Last week was supposed have been a meticulously planned, detailed schedule of events. None of which ended the way it was intended. I had volunteered on Thursday to help with the big consignment sale in Austin. This involved planning out a crazy day of car seat swapping, grandparent preschool pick-ups and having to leave the house at a specific time just to make sure it all went as planned.
About an hour and a half into my 8-hour volunteer shift, I received a call from the preschool....looked like B had broken his arm. He had been running in the gym and tripped and fell, putting out his right arm to stop his fall.
And then, of course, my "well-oiled machine" of a day, kind of had to come up with a plan B. I was well over an hour from the preschool...thankfully my parents were half an hour closer. They drove and picked up poor Bennagins, who everyone at BCP said was super brave in his wait. They did get the brother, too...didn't want him to miss out on all the action!
I jumped in the car and we all converged at our pediatrician's office in Killeen. The doc took one look at the arm and sent us to the hospital for x-rays. My parents took Jon Jon to our house....little brothers at the hospital make for frustrated big brothers (especially when you're in pain).
The x-ray tech confirmed that it was indeed broken and it was both the radius and ulna that were both broken. From there, we played the waiting game. I truly thought a broken bone had to be set that day....apparently not.
We got an appointment with the orthopedic surgeon for Friday morning. When we showed up, we thought we would get a cast and head home. We were told he would actually need surgery, so they made us an appointment for Saturday morning at 6 a.m. (although we still spent 4 hours at the hospital that day for pre-op stuff...sheesh!).
Saturday morning, Benjamin was indeed a bit emotional, but did really well. They rolled him into the O.R. a little after 7 a.m.. And he didn't even need incisions...just a bit of bone manipulation and a big cast all the way up to his arm pit. He had some extra swelling, but did great.
We headed home Saturday afternoon and he's done great. This did come at a rough time for a five-year-old boy...just when the weather is beautiful and you're ready to play and run outside, you get slowed down by a broken arm. We also had to withdraw him from gymnastics for three months. Looks like we'll all be laying low for awhile!
But, he's doing wonderfully. He went back to preschool yesterday and is just ready to be back in the groove!


Shannon said...

Looked like he was really, really brave!! Five+ years until a broken bone with boys is pretty good if you ask me!!

See? I'm totally neglecting my own blog because I'm visiting everyone else's...ugh!!!! :)

Jordan said...

I'm glad you I know all the details! We haven't had a broken arm in our house (yet) and it looks like no fun. Hang in there mama!

Jami said...

I'm so sorry Benjamin (and the rest of you) had to go through this. We haven't had a broken bone yet -- just stitches for Jaden's head when he was 1 and that was hard enough.

So very glad he's doing better. Sending our love your way!

Arly said...

The poor bud. We (especially Uncle Sam) really want to sign his cast. We may have to make a quick trip! How long is he in the cast?

Pecos Dad said...

Fortunately, the kiddos bounce back better than the parents (and grandparents for that matter)! It was a tough way to welcome Spring, but think of all the great stories you and he will have to tell in years to come!! Glad he's doing well. My Facebook friends (as well as Grandpa and Grandma Pecos) are all praying for his speedy return to 100%.

Becky said...

Wishing Benjamin a speedy recovery! We didn't know anything about this so I'm glad I saw your post. Benjamin looked so brave sitting in that big hospital bed, we've been there too when Cade aspirated a peanut! I think it's almost more traumatic for the parents. Saying a prayer for your sweet family Kristi :)