Friday, April 09, 2010

There Went Peter Cottontail...

Because I waited so long and didn't post photos after each event...I now have almost 30 photos of all of the Easter fun to display in one post.

The highlights....

Jonathan ready to hunt eggs with his class at preschool...I am shocked (yeah, right) that he managed to get himself up to the front of the line.

He remembered exactly what to do!

He did great! And managed to get into all the eggs the next morning before I woke up. Stinker.

Benjamin's hunt proved a bit interesting with one arm.

But he certainly wasn't too bothered by it...

...and thankfully the staff "evened up" all the eggs while the kids partied later.

This is Benjamin's good friend, Jenae, pictured here with him.
These two really "get" each other. It's quite funny.

Later in the week, we painted "egg-pancakes" with food paint.
(Food paint isn't quite as glamorous as it is milk with food coloring and voila.)

It turned out to be a pretty fun little activity...and tasted pretty good, too! ; )

Saturday night was our traditional egg-dying night.
I have to say, Jordan, I am with you on the sentiment of the egg-dying tradition.
We just do it because that's what we (at least I) grew up doing. But, not a lot of point to it. I mean, we're not big sit-around-and-eat-hard-boiled-eggs-all-day-kinda-people. Nor do we hunt the boiled ones...they make for a nasty mess if not found. So, we do the obligatory vinegar dip & dye and then they sit in the fridge for about a week until I throw them out...or get really ambitious and use them in tuna or egg salad...which didn't happen this week.

But it is still quite fun to watch the boys do this...just like I used to do with my dad.

My dad still dyes eggs every year...and writes all our names on them with white crayon before they are dipped. He's pretty sweet, that dad of mine.

Before bed on Saturday, we also made Resurrection Rolls. The boys really enjoyed this. Actually, David really got into it, too. It was pretty special watching David work with each of the boys to open the rolls up to find them empty...just like the tomb!

Sunday morning, the Easter Bunny didn't disappoint.

Although what was rather disappointing is the fact that this was the best photo I got of the boys in their Easter outfits before church....this was actually Easter outfit plan B. Short sleeves are now a must for us with Mr. Cast.

Thankfully, we got a better photo at my parents' later that afternoon.
Although, I do believe he has him in a choke-hold.
And gotta love the Cars sling that made all the "Easter Best" pics.

The Easter bunny left baskets at Grandma & Grandpa's, too!

After a delicious lunch of ribs, grilled chicken and all kinds of side dishes,
we headed out back for the egg hunt.

On a mission...

Getting the last of them...

He just couldn't wait any longer.

Meanwhile, Benjamin spread some love, aka weed seeds, throughout the yard.

Now, it's time to get down to business, people.

Grandma apparently needed all the help she could find to plant her spring flowers.

The most spoiled dog. Ever.

I actually managed to add a few more Easter decorations this year, too. I was inspired to make this egg garland by my friend, Debbie, who had one in her breakfast area window. It was easy to put together, too! You just string up eggs on fishing line (most of them already have holes in them) and then tie either fabric strips or ribbon in between them.

I also got this new little "Best Easter Wishes" plate and bird at Spice with Lori in March.
I am now in search of more them!

And I added the eggs in the vase to this little area. The eggs were from my mom...she couldn't decide what to do with them, so they ended up at my house. I kept calling them the "eggs on a stick" which just seemed a little carnival-foodish to me. But, I liked looking at them. ; )

Hoping all of you had a wonderful Easter as well!


Pecos Dad said...

Glad you guys had a great Easter together. Those are some wonderful pictures. Looks like the broken wing is only a minor impediment to the ongoing fun!! BTW, Benjamin's version of a choke hold is pretty ingenious. It look's harmless for the camera, but can still put little brother in his place, if necessary! What fun!!

Shannon said...

Looks like a great Easter! Could your boys look any more adorable in their hats??

So glad you explained how to do that sgg garland! Sooo cute! And, I'm finding a place to hang my "dress me up plate" right away. Never thought to hang it up!

jennyc said...

I love the egg garland idea!!! And are those eggs
in your cake plate (on top of your hutch)?? So
creative! You inspire me that a mommy of 2
boys can still be queen of her castle :)

Nyla said...

Cute pics, super sweet boys! I'm sure you all have egg hunts out of your system after all that. Looks like everyone had fun!!! Would you share your roll recipe when you have time. I had never seen those before, it sounds interesting!

jane deere said...

Looks like a great Easter! The boys looked really cute!