Friday, April 23, 2010

Choo Choo Cha Boogie

My friend, Debbie, and I accompanied Mrs. Mary's class on their field trip to the train depot and museum in Temple last week. Benjamin and Jenae (and little Avery) had a fun day. 
Beware....I played around with several vintage filters over these photos. Not sure if I love them or not...but kind of fun. Especially for a vintage-y place like an old train depot.

Benjamin & Jenae
(you know you have a real friend when they will hold onto your casted hand)

I forget what this thing is called...but it just made me think of O'Brother Where Art Thou.
I think Cole (the blond boy on the right) pretty much was the engine the entire way around the loop of track. 

Just playing.

Trying so hard to listen...

Pushing the buttons on the train communicator thingy
(aren't you impressed with my vast knowledge of train lingo?)

This engine was what the Polar Express was modeled after.

Ringing the bell

The Amtrak came in as we were standing was loud!!

My favorite vintage one...
although it looks like I just let him run and play on the tracks, in the path of the train.

Debbie and I actually rode together in my car with our kiddos, but they did try out the van on the ride over to the Whistle Stop Park.

Debbie, Jenae and Avery having lunch in the park area

Not really sure why I put a vintage filter on this one...just makes it look like he's a child of the seventies.

A great day with a great kid! ChooooChoooooo!

Benjamin, thanks for letting mom tag along on your fun trip! Glad you are still young enough to think it's super cool to have me around! Love you, kiddo!!


Grandma Pawlik said...

Great pics. Looks like a fun school trip.

Hollye said...

Yes, I learned sooo much about trains from your informative blog! Actually what you lack in train lingo you made up with the great pictures!! Looks like a fun day and B looks so cute.