Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy, Happy Day to Dad!

It's a day where we celebrate you being the BEST.
You're AMAZING, SUPERB, Heads & Tails above the REST!

From reading us stories to tucking us in,
You, sweet dad...are a MAN among MEN.

You've taught us about sports, Dr. Pepper and riding our bikes.
We've looked up to you so much, since we were itty bitty tikes.

We love to watch you do all the cool things that you do.
From principalling to basketball and loving mommy, too.

Most of all, dear daddy, the best thing you've given...
Is your love for Jesus and the Christian life you are livin'.

So, happy Dad's day to the best DADDY ever,
You're forever our favorite and it's you we do treasure!


David Dominguez said...

Thanks, guys! Y'all are the best, and I love you all!

Nyla said...

Lovely post Kristi!

Rachel said...

kristi -
that was the sweetest ever!! it actually made me tear up a little. you and your family are richly blessed!