Friday, July 02, 2010


I have been putting off blogging since we got home because, for some reason, it is overwhelming me!!I have two past Muffin Monday/Summer Bible Lessons that need to be posted (and written). But, I really want to post about our trip. But, then the overwhelming amount of photos also wore me out...and there we go with the procrastination again. So, this is an 'as is' post. Not all photos are included....the ones we took with our phones are out there on Facebook land, but unable to make the jump over here.

Our first stop was a night in Pecos with Grandma & Grandpa.
The boys played the Wii bowling game with Grandpa's help.
We're convinced that it's time that Wii joined the fun and bought one of these things for ourselves.

Before heading out in the morning, the boys climbed the fun tree next door with Grandma.

Just climbin'.

Benjamin just had to spend some time with Grandma's turtles before we departed for New Mexico. He loves the turtles!

We headed to Roswell on Friday. One of our first activities was the rehearsal dinner for Cade & Kyla. Here's Benjamin and one of his absolute favorite gals ever, Hollye (the mother of the groom).

Kenna and Abbye...two of our newest BFFs. The boys played with the girls the whole trip!
It was so much fun to hang out with these sweeties.

Jonathan was fascinated with the two babies that we spent a lot of time with on the trip. Here is one of the times he was holding Baby Dane. Precious.

The next day we ran around Roswell and met up with some out-of-this-world characters. We also were able to meet our Hobbs cousins for lunch at the UFO McD's....too fun!

And then it was time to get ready for the big event of the trip...
Cade & Kyla's wedding.

Waiting in the auditorium for the wedding to start.
I feel a bit bad, I didn't send in an RSVP for our alien friend.

One of the boys' favorite things at the reception was the candy bar...YUM.
The letters read "Love is Sweet". There were little boxes to fill with as much candy as the boys could wrap their digits around. The boys were in heaven....they also had a hot dog cart just for the kiddies! The Wootons & Hootens thought of everything!

Just being silly.

Hollye with the president of her fan club.

More candy!

I did manage to get one pic of the bride & groom that wasn't blurry or half-blocked! ; )

We also found a little time to swim at the hotel pool...

....with the girlies of course!

After a couple of super fun nights in Roswell, we headed to the Hooten Holler in Muleshoe for another couple of days of fun....with the girlies! ; )

Loads of fun was had at the Hooten Holler (aka, Gary & Hollye's bEaUtiFul new home)!

I love the little wave....the boys just love Gary & Hollye. When Benjamin was just a baby, my mom fondly named the Hootens our "Muleshoe Grandparents". They are wonderful and we love them to pieces!

Playing with Daddy in the yard.

Fun times.

Abbye Cate

Amy fixing supper one night....we were well-fed the whole trip!
In fact, when we got home, Benjamin convinced us to purchase our very first ice-cream maker/freezer. He just had to have ice cream like Gary made for us.
So much for good ol' Blue Bell.

Besides ice cream....we enjoyed our other favorite dessert. S'MORES!

Kenna showing us her fabulous moves.

Sticky Kiddies

An absolutely wonderful trip!
We saw so many dear, sweet friends and family that I can't possibly name them all.
Loved every minute of it!
We're all ready for a little. . . . s'more.


David Dominguez said...

It was a whirlwind tour! What a wonderful trip. Great to see everyone, and congrats again to Cade & Kyla!

Amy said...

We had a great time with you and your family. Abbye will randomly ask me now, "Where are the boys?"

Hollye said...

Fun post! Fun times! Thank you so much for being a part of the wedding and coming to Muleshoe. We loved seeing all of you!