Sunday, July 25, 2010

We came. We saw. We swam.

The Dominguez boys had a great time at Summer Swim this year.

Benjamin is still a bit timid around the water, but he made great improvements this year from last. We were so proud of him! We were super happy to have Jordan as our instructor again. We found out that we can request him for the next few years, too, since he is still an underclassman...woohoo!

We conquered jumping in, again! For some reason, that pool at the hotel in Austin was a lot more comfortable for B. We had to revisit this fear again....but he conquered it and did wonderfully!

Benjamin likes "swimming on his back" the best!

And he loved diving for rings on free-play day!

Jonathan became quite the fish the last two weeks! He amazed us all by jumping off one of the diving platforms on the last day. His instructor, Chris, was amazed, too. He said he couldn't remember another three-year-old jumping off the platform! We were glad to hear that Chris will be doing the private lessons a few more years, too. We'll be requesting him again, too! ; )


He's an old pro, now!

We love the Summer Swim program and can't wait until next year!


Anonymous said...

Way to go boys. Enjoyed watching you guys.
Love ya,Grandpa & Grandma Pawlik

David Dominguez said...

Awesome! We are really proud of you boys!