Saturday, September 04, 2010

Nothing like a little second child syndrome...

Contrary to the blog post to child ratio on here, we do, indeed, have TWO children. And I feel like mom of the year for not having posted these sweet pics of my little man on here on his BIG day. I really intended to get them on here last week. In my, (ahem), defense (can we even really call it that?)...the new kindergarten schedule, combined with a new therapy schedule along with a few crazy doctor's appointments and testing for me have been an absolute beating. I feel like I spend a lot of my day either walking to or from the elementary school or driving the loop to pick up someone or drop them off or heading either direction down 190. Whew. (And, I'm pretty sure there was a major run-on sentence somewhere in there. My apologies to my husband.)

But, Jonathan has also had a very BIG couple of weeks!
He started his new preschool, St. Christopher's, the day after B started kindergarten. And he was THRILLED. We have had absolutely no hesitation from him at all this year. I think with all the hype surrounding the big kindergarten year, he was wanting to get in on it, too. And we totally did it up as well...he truly LOVES his new preschool. Honestly, I wasn't too sure how it would go over. He has attended BCP (sniff, sniff) for the past two years, not to mention that BCP is actually at our church building. I really wasn't sure how he would take being moved to a totally new place. But, wow...smooth sailing so far.

These two sweet ladies are a big part of such a smooth transition. God bless them. They make him smile every day he is at preschool and make him say things like "are we coming back tomorrow?" and "I don't want to go home yet" when I pick him up. Mrs. Mary and Mrs. Susan have taken on Jonathan as well as 11 of his cohorts for the next school year. This was taken at his Meet the Teacher.

Yay! First day of preschool. It just breaks my heart that I only have one preschooler now.

I had to show you all his new backpack...I actually got it together (somehow) and put this together for him. I was excited about how it turned out. Truthfully, being the cheapie I have become in the last few years, I was just going to let him carry the same backpack from last year. I mean it is preschool. When I told my mom this, she about hit the roof, painstakingly reminding me of how my brothers and I always had new stuff for the start of school...she told me it is a part of the excitement (nothing like a little pep talk from mom to help me pull out the old debit card). So, I noticed HEB had plain red backpacks for $5 (that I ripped the crooked "Trailmaster" label off of). With a little help from Hob Lob and Jonathan's discriminating taste in all things pigskin...voila. It still came out to less than $10.

I noticed every mom was posing their kid somewhere on the lush grounds at St. Christopher's on the first day of preschool for photo-ops...didn't want mine to feel left out since we'd already done it at home.

Already hard at work on the first morning!

While my heart sure misses my pals at BCP, I am finding the benefits of going to a preschool 10 minutes up the street compared to 30 minutes down the highway pretty huge. St. Christopher's is literally across the street from Ellison. David could be there in 30 seconds if he needed to. And...drumroll...I actually have friends in Killeen now. That might sound so weird seeing as how we've lived here for well-over three years. But, our church and our preschool were all the way in Belton...and that's where my life has been (and still is). When I filled out the paperwork for Jonathan to start preschool over here, we were asked to add an in-town emergency contact. I was so embarrassed that I literally didn't know anyone well enough over here to put them down...except David's secretary! I am really happy to know some super sweet mamas over here now, too! Don't get me wrong, my church friends are the nearest and dearest to me...they know what all is going on with our crazy life right now...and have loved on us so much as we endure. But, it's nice to actually know someone around the corner, too. I even have two friends whose little ones not only go to St. Chris, but whose older ones are at Timber Ridge. I feel so....connected.

Oh, and the fact that the new school is three days a, yeah.


Rebecca said...

Oh Kristi I am so glad that Jonathan likes his new school. I am going to miss seeing you on Tues/Thursdays, but that is so awesome that you have met some people in your own 'hood. Jonathan and I felt that way when he was going to school in Waco and I was working in Killeen. Its nice to know people who live close! But of course you are always welcome over here in Belton land!

Jami said...

I'm loving the backpack idea. And I'm not kidding, but before I read the caption for that pic, I figured you probably ordered it from Pottery Barn or some place cute like that. Way to go, Mom!

I have also been amazed at friends I've made since Jaden started school. Feeling connected is very important for me and I'm so glad you are feeling it, too.

Love you, girl!

Melissa said...

So glad Jonathan is loving his new school! He looks so grown up :-) How nice that you are meeting some in-town Mommy friends, too!

Anonymous said...

Hi, You don't know me. I found your blog by accident, but wanted to ask you what kind of thyroid cancer do you have? I had surgery for papillary thyroid cancer 7 years ago. My nodule was large--2cm. I did have some lymph node involvement so followed up with 180 millicuries of I-131. Like you, my incision was puffy and pink for several months. No jewelry and could only wear V necks. If you saw me now, you wouldn't even notice my scar, so just give it a bit of time. A year after my surgery a tiny nodule was found on my husband's thyroid, so we went through the same thing a second time. Our treatments were virtually identical although in some areas
we reacted differently. After all this I sort of consider myself an unofficial "expert" on ThyC. :)

Thyroid cancer is not so bad as cancers go. In the 7 years since my surgery follow up protocols have changed and gotten so much easier. I'll be thinking about you.

Kristi said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the person who left the anonymous comment. I find so much strength in stories like yours. Feel free to contact me through Facebook...I'd love to chat more! I'm listed at Kristi (Pawlik) Dominguez.

Anonymous said...

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