Tuesday, August 24, 2010

We have an official KINDERGARTENER...(sniff, sniff)

Several precious children, little boys and little girls.

David helping Benjamin create the keychain for his backpack at the Kinder-Blessing time Sunday at church. The key chain has one side that we put a rainbow of beads on to remind Benjamin of God's promises and the other is full of his choice of beads so he is reminded of the special Kinder-Blessing time. It was a really precious hour that we shared with all of the other kindergarten families.

Have now grown to an age that will soon enlarge their worlds.

At the Kinder-Blessing, one of the other families passed out hands with special messages and, of course, SMARTIES...since these kiddos are smart!

Once little babes they were, but not true anymore.

These are the children from our church that are starting kindergarten this year. This is one precious bunch that we feel blessed Benjamin is a part of!

For Kindergarten is calling them with wonderful things in store.

This about did this mama in! Pictured above is Benjamin (light khaki pants, red plaid shirt, front row) bowing his head and holding his little hands in prayer during the student blessing during the worship service. It was pretty sweet!

First they'll learn to listen and to share with all the others.

One new tradition we started at home was to give each of the boys a new "Back-to-School" themed book the night before school starts. Jonathan got a cute preschool book this year and he loved it!

And go home to share these new things with little sisters and brothers.

Benjamin received a Starting School book that he loves and even requested to read last night after his first big day.

They'll learn to be creative and make a lot of pretty things.

We have had a tradition in place to read The Kissing Hand the night before school (or preschool) starts. Don't the boys look enthralled? ; )

And they'll learn to sing like angels except they won't have wings.

Woo-whee...yesterday was an early one for us. Our boys always wake up early on their own, but before 6:45 was a bit rough. I was up before six to make a special breakfast for the school boy, but today was back to fruit and pop-tarts so this mom could get a bit of extra shut-eye. We loved the Puff-Up Pancake from yesterday, though! It's an easy recipe and was great with sausage and fruit. Just my $.02.

How much God must marvel as He watches them daily learn.

A few minutes to pose for photos in our traditional "photo spot". It was so fun being out in front of our house with all the hustle and bustle of living across the street from our school. Kids were everywhere...walking to school with parents, heading to the bus stop and the busses were pouring into the parking lot! It was a great atmosphere with lots of excitement!

For He places within each little heart a fiery zeal that burns.

While we were standing outside taking photos, some pretty fun Ellison students walked by on their way to their bus stop and cheered on our little guys..."First Day of School" they shouted! It was pretty cool. Jonathan just had to grab his backpack, too, for the 'brothers' photo.

How his heart must overflow with joy when He watches them at play.
And do everything He ordained them to with every passing day.

This precious child wanted to bring his teacher flowers on the first day!

Who among man would dare trespass to bring harm to these little lambs?
And turn their precious innocence into fear that knows no bounds.

We made it! Heading into the classroom.

Better t'would be for that one to be tossed into the sea.

At ease at his table ready to get started!
After we picked him up from school, he said he had a "great" day. He was excited about making a new friend named Michael and the fact that someone else in his class had a Phineas and Ferb backpack. He also really enjoyed eating in the cafeteria...at 10:20 am! Good thing we packed a snack for the afternoon. It was a wonderful first day. We can't believe you are a kindergartener already, Benjamin Reagan. We love you and are so proud of you!

Than to face the fiery wrath of God and suffer eternally.
--Robert Elliott, 2010

This poem was written with love to the little kindergarten lambs of 2010 by a sweet elder at our church for their Kinder-Blessing. What a precious gift to give each of us! Thank you, Robert!


Shannon said...

Kristi, this post brought tears to my eyes! I'm so glad I have another year to get it together:) How precious is Benjamin to bring flowers for his teacher? Looks like he's officially a big guy and had a great day!!

Jami said...

Kristi, what a sweet post! Leslye introduced me to "The Kissing Hand" last year before Jaden went to Kindergarten and I couldn't make it through the book last year without crying. In fact, Jason had to finish it.

We read it again this year on Sunday night and although I had to choke back a few tears this time, I made it all the way through.

I love that it is a tradition for you and think it will be one for us as well! So very glad Benjamin is liking school so far. Love you guys!

Leslye said...

Looks like a fun first day of Kindergarten!

I love the poem! Thanks for sharing! I'm thinking I would love a copy of that hanging beside my desk at school. What a great reminder!

Jordan said...

Geez, woman! Why did you not post about a new book on first day of school eve sooner?! I would have totally stolen that idea!! Maybe next year! :)

I loved the poem and the blessing keychain! Could you post a little more about that for those of us whose churches don't do a kindergarten blessing? (Or just email me?) I'd love to do it at home.

Great post!

Nyla said...

I'm glad he had a great first day. I know he'll do well, he's such a wonderful little boy!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. Tears in my eyes again. I love traditions.
Grandma P

Becky said...

love, love, love that you share your family traditions...that the boys will look back in older years and tell stories of the books they read and the time spent around the table with THEIR greatest gifts of all...you and David.

Love you Kristi!!!

Amanda said...

Man, oh man! I just read Becky's latest blog entry and now yours! I'm going to have to go re-do my mascara! So, so sweet. Love you and your boys so much.

Rebecca said...

What a sweet poem! Little Benjamin is so lucky to have such great parents who will help him make such precious memories. I think I might steal your little book tradition. What a great idea :) I'm so glad that he is liking kindergarten.