Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So many candles...

It's my favorite guy's big 3-7 and we had such a fun day! (Although this was really my first BIG outing and busy day since surgery, so I am eXhAuStEd now....but this post isn't about me...I digress.)

David's birthday falling at the start of the school year always lends for a bit of extra hoopla at school. And the last two years, Ellison has showered him with love and well wishes. They are awesome!

This balloon pretty much sums it up.

If you remember last year's video debacle, we were so thrilled that the Chamber Singers (EHS's own version of Glee, IMO), came and blessed David with a beautiful birthday song again.
Guess where my video camera was? At home. Sigh.

They are amazingly talented and even a senior or two came back to join in the fun this morning at David's big doughnut birthday extravaganza.

So bummed that I missed some of the cheerleaders coming by to say hello to David and bring birthday fun! Thankfully someone grabbed a camera! ; )

One of our most favorite people....ever! This is Alice, David's secretary, who keeps me in the loop on David's crazy schedule and never hesitates to invite me and these two future Eagles up to a fun EHS event. Excuse Jonathan's doughnut-filled mouth and icing-stained face.

David chatting with the teachers...you should have seen the doughnut spread!

Not totally sure how many Jonathan downed.

A member of Ellison's class of 2022....maybe the quarterback?

We had our traditional "home party" as well...David's favorite supper, Chicken Spaghetti, strawberry cake with cream cheese icing and fun cards and presents made for a great night.

So much wax dripped onto the cake since by the time I was able to get them all lit, the first ones were dripping away!

As evidenced by the above, a SMOKIN' good time was had by all.
Happy Birthday to one amazing guy! Love, love, love you.


David Dominguez said...

Thanks for an awesome birthday! Note to self: Next birthday, don't wear the gray suit (see pic from last year...) The pic of me shaking hands with Mrs. S looks like I was right in the middle of some flamboyant dance move. Nice!

Tori said...

Mr. D (the only great principal I had in my short career) is the only thing I could possibly miss about teaching. So glad to see that he is at a great school and being treated the way he deserves to be treated. Hope he has a great school year!!

Pecos Dad said...

Those are great pictures, Kristi, and what a testament to how much David is loved, both at school and at home! He's so blessed to have you. Thanks for loving him so much!! (Oh yeah, if you ever decide to make a cake with candles for my birthday, and this is not a hint, you have my permission to use a single candle to represent the years, OK?) Less mess that way!!

Hollye said...

It looks like a fuu-filled day! I hope it was great!!!