Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet the Teacher...Four More Wake-Ups!

This afternoon was Benjamin's first taste of K*I*N*D*E*R*G*A*R*T*E*N! We went to Timber Ridge's Meet the Teacher and had a great time. He is definitely ready to go! When we were inside his classroom, he looked around and took it all in and said, "I want to learn here."

It was like the running of the bulls when the doors swung open at 4 pm. Luckily, we headed in the door with Mr. Coleman, the principal. Benjamin knows all about Mr. Coleman since David knows him through the district. Benjamin adores him but wants to stay out of his office! Amen to that!

Benjamin's teacher, Mrs. Weatherford. We really wanted her for our teacher and are so thrilled to have her! She is super fun and full of energy. I have to admit, when we turned off the main hallway into the kindergarten wing, I teared up when I saw Mrs. Weatherford's name on her door. I am going to be a hot mess on Monday.

Benjamin can't wait to start!! We also went down the hall and met his music teacher, Mrs. Brown. And then we headed to the cafeteria to get his pin number for lunch. This is the part that intimidates me a bit...he has to memorize a FIVE digit code if he wants to buy his lunch that day. We'll be practicing that one a lot! He loves his new Spiderman lunch box so thankfully he'll be taking his lunch the first few days until he gets the whole cafeteria scene down.
We made our cookies and froze them today for the first week of school's lunch. We also fit in Luby's yesterday with my parents (Benjamin requested this before he started school). We've got lots of fun planned this weekend...the Kindergarten Blessing during Bible class hour at church, the Student Blessing during worship service and then some home traditions that we want to start both Sunday evening and Monday morning (including Puff-Up Pancake for first-day-of-school breakfast). Benjamin also informed me that he wants to get Mrs. Weatherford flowers for the first day of school! ; )

I guess there's no turning back now.


Nyla said...

Only Benjamin would say something like that! The school and his teacher look so nice, I am certain Benjamin will love school and will do great!

Josh Healy said...

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Rebecca said...

He is such a sweet boy!! Flowers for his teacher, boy will he win her over :) I know you will be a mess on Monday, but I am excited for Benjamin. Did he meet Coach Walker? He is six feet tall and the coolest PE teacher ever!!

Maria said...

You sure have some sweet boys!! I hope it's a good day for him (and you too!)

Becky said...

take a number in the "i'm a hot mess" line Kristi!!!!

and Benjamin, you have a terrific first day at school! it will be an exciting year full of new adventures...may you always look forward to learning as much as you do now sweet boy! And speaking as a former teacher, flowers are DEFINATELY the way to go :)