Saturday, October 09, 2010

Off to the Island of Sodor

Last Saturday, we were so excited to go and meet one of our favorite friends, Thomas the Train. He made his appearance in Burnet and we had tickets to the early morning ride! Jonathan is the big Thomas fan around here...but both of the boys were thrilled to meet this cute chugger.

Benjamin was waiting for the conductor to come and punch his ticket. The ride was all very official...the announcer would announce our arrival into and out of Sodor, Thomas music played the whole trip and the boys even got certificates stating they were official riders of the railway.

We even had our own personal paparazzi to come out and watch us ride.

Jonathan & Daddy on their side of the train.

Me & my riding buddy!


A super fun morning! We had to arrive at 7:30 since our train was the first one of the day! Jonathan was worn out by 11 since he had been up since 5:30! It was great, though...we beat the mega crowds! (Over 18,000 were expected at this event for the weekend...Thomas is pretty popular!)


David Dominguez said...

Awesome day!

Anonymous said...

Love it. It was a fun morning even though we had to leave when the train pulled out.
Love ya, Grandparents Pawlik

Nyla said...

Wow, that looks like so much fun!! I'm so glad you all got to go on such a fun ride, maybe we'll get to ride Thomas some day. Beautiful family photos too!! Love you all, Grandma Pecos

Arly said...

Next time we need to come with you. Nathan loves Thomas and all things trains. :)

Amanda said...

SO cool!!! What wonderful memories you are making with those sweet boys. :-)