Friday, October 29, 2010


It seems as though this blog has just become a series of events. I sometimes miss keeping up with the "everyday-ness" of life, too. I wish I was more disciplined to restart a Project 365 again. Probably not going to happen! ; )

On to the event...

A couple of weeks ago, Jonathan's preschool hosted a very cool St. Jude's Trike-a-thon. I learned a couple of things at this event: 1) Jonathan is quite the ladies' man amongst the gals in his class and 2) he's the Lance Armstrong amongst the preschool scene. I was actually kind of amazed. It's one thing to watch him ride his bike here in our neighborhood, but when he was "pretend-racing" his friends (and really winning), I was a little shocked. The boy can go! I see training wheels coming off soon.

The Starting Line

I just love this expression!! Pure joy.

Leading the group (and, not that I was keeping track or anything, but lapping people, too)!

This is Jonathan's class with his two teachers, Mrs. Susan & Mrs. Mary
A fun group of little buddies.



Nyla said...

Wow, what a little power house. Looks like Jonathan had lots of fun with his class buddies!

Love to all, Pecos Grandma

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